The New Freedom Commission on Mental Health

From Ron Paul’s the Revolution, pp 133. Completely ignored in the media is the New Freedom Commission. “In 2004, a presidential initiative called the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health issued a report calling for forced mental health screening for all American children, beginning in preschool. Although no such program has begun at the federal level, grants have already been sent out to establish pilot programs in localities across the country in conformity with the New Freedom report. I think we know what that means…let us consider the obvious beneficiary to such a program: the pharmaceutical industry. There can be little doubt that under such a program, millions more children would suddenly be discovered to be in need of psychotropic drugs. Some 2.5 million American children use such drugs already, with (according to the Journal of the American Medical Association) a 300 percent increase from 1991 through 1995 alone. The figure increases another fivefold from 1995 to 2002.”

Anyone else alarmed by the government involvement in medicine and its ties to the pharmaceutical industry? The media seems to be on board with this as well since they have completely neglected to report on this. No one knows the side effects of such drugs either on the developing minds! And we all know the lists of side effects on the commercials that advertise drugs.. “do not use if you have..”, or “list of side effects include, bleeding, diarrhea, fuzzy vision, headache..” Medicine creates so many more problems after “fixing” the problem. Keep your hands off of our children!

For the politically correct government website visit:

~ by Kasey on January 27, 2010.

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