Sarah Palin: On the Tea Party Bandwagon

Ok- so this wretched politician Sarah Palin is seeking the Republican votes big time. She is so predictable! The tea party is where its at right now in the Republican Party and guess where she suddenly starts to orient her speeches? Listen to this:

“I look forward to meeting many Americans who share a commitment to limited government, common sense and personal responsibility. This movement is truly a grassroots, organic effort. It’s not a top-down organization; it’s a ground-up call to action that already has both political parties rethinking the way they do business.” USA Today oppinion by Sarah Palin.

For the record Sarah Palin is all about getting as much from a bloated government as she can and her terms in Alaska prove it! “Alaska gets back $1.84 for every dollar it pays into the U.S. Treasury—even though Alaska enjoys a higher per-capita income than 34 of the 50 states. This is a state that preaches right-wing libertarianism while it practices middle-class socialism.

What a hypocrite!

She is all about getting your vote and then just like Bush did she will bloat government even further with some new absurdity like homeland defense.

Her rhetoric is a white washed tomb– so nice on the outside, but rotten inside! “That small government approach is a perfectly legitimate political philosophy, but there’s no evidence, beyond her finger-wagging rhetoric, that Palin believes it.

I am so fed up with these stupid politicians putting on a charade of being noble and really meaning what they say. Sarah Palin can’t even keep her family in line with her rhetoric. She is a pretty face with pretty, cute words but can offer absolutely no good reason to vote for her. Absolutely a waste of a vote.

Guess what though? That won’t stop a large portion of people from voting for her. If you vote for Sarah Palin it is not because you are thinking critically. You see a smile and think, “hey how could she do me wrong?”

~ by Majestic on February 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sarah Palin: On the Tea Party Bandwagon”

  1. Your keen observations are somehow not reflected in popularity and fund raising by supporters for Sarah Palin. Just keep chipping away on why hypocrites should not be elected. Would that leave anyone in Washington? Commercial media don’t bother checking facts or analyzing anything except how they look in the mirror.

  2. […] the record, Sarah Palin’s term in Alaska as governor saw more federal money spent per capita than her rhetoric would have you believe.  She is a […]

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