“Safe” Vaccines

Since we all know that the H1N1 was a hoax as my previous note accurately demonstrated (and a recent study in Canada calls it basically sugar water), and since the CDC brainwashed America into believing the flu season would be the worst in ages, AND since we know that a record low of 2500 people actually died from the H1N1 flu, who by the way already had some underlying health issue, and since the big pharmacy has made record profits off of vaccines, based on these premises let us boycott anything and everything coming from a pharmaceutical industry and pushed by white collared otherwise good intentioned (or not) individuals.

This must be a boycott on principle.

Today the Federal Vaccine Court has ruled “against three families who argued that vaccines which contained the mercury based preservative thimerosal contributed to their child’s autism. The denial of reasonable compensation to families was based on inadequate vaccine safety science and poorly designed and highly controversial epidemiology studies supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Read the full article at Safeminds.com.

It doesn’t matter that these three families all witnessed otherwise healthy children suddenly digress immediately following vaccination. The vaccine had nothing to do with it according to the CDC, who also said that last years flu season would be the worst on record and that fools don’t get vaccinated. Check out youtube adds for the H1N1 vaccine. What do you think all of those warnings and fine print are for on the little pamphlets that come with shots? They tell you all about the controversial ingredients and the many ways side effects may manifest themselves. Of course they don’t bother to tell you that thimerosal is mercury- one of the most toxic substances known to man- but hey it had nothing to do with autism in those children and the federal government will never owe up to the millions affected by vaccines.

If you still think thimerosal is sugar water search google for mercury poisoning. Well what do you know! Mercury really does have a negative effect on the brain. In fact, it even creates autism like symptoms. Unbelievable.. but the CDC bribed by corporate scumbags from big pharmacies says it is ok in small amounts even though infants and young children are the most susceptible to mercury poisoning. Silly Americans! Drugs are good for you as long as its the government giving them out.

You see, perversion is ok if you are in a place of authority and you are certified to do it. So, with that said boycott all drugs, shots, prescriptions that contain chemicals and preservatives and other controversial ingredients like monkey kidney cells, formaldehyde, lye, mercury, etc. until the perverts are fired and the controversial methods and ingredients disappear. What does any of this have to do with living responsibly anyway? And since the government is the king of irresponsibility why don’t we the people take back what is rightfully ours– responsibility and set things right.

Boycott the drugs today. Ask for an alternative. It is your choice. It is your right. It is your family, your body, your responsibility.

They will try to scare you, they will try to stage hoax outbreaks, anything they can do to bring you back to a state of dependence on them. Americans are independent and do not live in fear! We the people do not need big corporate America and petty industry money whores telling us how to live our lives or what we should be afraid of.

For further reading check out Brandon Turbeville’s article titled Mercury in vaccines: “No more dangerous than the mercury in a tuna sandwich” at infowars.com

~ by Majestic on March 14, 2010.

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