Christian Militia Demonized by the Media and Establishment

On Sunday night Drudge Report had posted several news headlines from CBS, ABC, etc. all focusing in on the raids in Ohio, Michigan.

Every one of the articles knew only that the feds were after Christian militia. They posted that these people were anti-government, Christian, knew the Constitution of the United States, were survivalists. This was our only description. They also had the head of the islamic-American relations on there saying that the Michigan based militia had threatened to kill muslims and that more of these groups needed to be exposed and arrested. Obviously, full of crap and staged.

What are the men all indicted for as of monday? Supposedly they had planned to kill a police officer and use “weapons of mass destruction” as one article writes it. This is absurd. No mention whatsoever of them being Christian or of seeking to kill muslims.

There is now no mention of “Christian militia” now being posted in the media headlines, but oh how they wanted it to be— this is evident in the first articles posted. They wanted it to be Christian militia so bad so that they could point and say “See! islam isn’t the only terrorist!” Media is spitting out the talking points given to them by homeland defense. They want to shutdown any last free vestiges out there and ensure we are all dependent.

Now, Kurt Nimmo over at has posted some surprising information about one of the so called militiamen, who is actually a government plant and has a history of mental issues! The article is titled “The Strange Case of Kristopher Sickles.

Read the article and judge for yourself. These men were obviously setup. The news headlines betrayed the obvious bias towards demonizing the Christian militia movement. Eric Holder misleading the American public further says this about Timothy McVeigh, who most now think was a government plant as well, “the arrests underscored the dangers of homegrown right-wing extremism of the sort seen in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people.” Homegrown right-wing extremism by its very definition has never killed or blown up anything! Homegrown is grass roots. Right-wing is conservative and free. The extreme of these things is something like living without electricity and believing that the fed should be fazed out. Oh yeah, these guys would have gladly blown up the government building in Oklahoma City. Yeah right. McVeigh had absolutely no connection to homegrown militia groups.

Lets get something straight right now. There is nothing illegal about militia. Read the Second Amendment. There is nothing illegal about being a Christian, yet. There is nothing illegal about reading your constitution. There is nothing illegal about being a survivalist– in fact, it is pretty neat the skills that come along with it. You become independent if you are any of the above. Add them all together and you become a constitution reading, christian, survivalist militiaman. Still nothing illegal. Add a psycho like Kristopher Sickles into the mix, a government plant anyway, and you are none of the above. You are a nutcase planning to murder people and absolutely not a militiaman or a survivalist or a constitutionalist and certainly not a Christian.

A murderer like Sickles does not agree with the Constitution of the United States because the document is about respecting freedom. Taking life does not respect freedom given to us by our Creator.

He cannot agree with Scripture because it defies biblical teaching. Go back to the first book in the Bible, Genesis. Cain was cursed when he killed. Then in Exodus, thou shalt not murder.

A survivalist becomes hunted after murdering and so it is contrary to kill a police officer.. need I go on? This man Sickles was not a Christian militiaman, but that doesn’t matter to the media or the establishment. They have already made their point and got the message out to the population at large– Christians were planning to kill cops.

~ by Majestic on March 29, 2010.

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  1. […] How long are we going to sit mind controlled by the government’s media?  Our government federally provocateured the Mujahideen during the cold war in Afghanistan against the Soviets. Who do you think did the 9/11 attacks?  The same people!  Radicalized muslims.  Who do you think Eric Holder is afraid of when he talks about home grown terrorism?  The only people nabbed have been grudge holding workers given devices and know how by our government.  Who is he really afraid of?  The people taking back their country?  Is Waco our perfect example of who the government really sees as terrorists?  Gun holders?  Should we look at the federally provocateured militia group in Michigan? […]

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