Opposition is a “Disorder”

American policy for the longest time has sought to disarm parents, who have maintained the rod as the best means of discipline in raising children.  From a biblical standpoint there can be no better means.  I don’t believe that the rod is necessary in every case, but it as one writer said “fear of the rod” made him behave.

It is a continued debate between secular society, who will quote the abuses and the so called scientific studies, and Christian influenced thinking that will use several arguments like “it worked on me,” “the Bible says don’t spare the rod (Proverbs 13:24),” etc.

We have all heard of ritalin, which is society’s answer to lack of discipline.  They have drug out for every so called disorder, but is that healthy?  What about the side effects.  I know several people who have been on these drugs and they are deadbeats.  Its strange what it does to an otherwise healthy and normal person, who may have simply needed a spank and an involved father.

Drugs are nothing new to combating so called disorders.  Think back to the mandate to ensure all health care workers got the flu shot in New York.   The flu shot has already been proven to be a placebo, a sugar pill, for the most affected by the flu- the elderly.  It did nothing to stop the flu as one study conclusively proves, but meanwhile you get all of the side effects and preservatives including thimerosal, also known as mercury, that directly impacts your nervous system.  Let me tell you if we have even a drop of mercury where I work- we evacuate.  That is how serious the stuff is, but that doesn’t matter to the pharmaceutical industry influencing the CDC to push more shots because they make more money off of shots that will store longer.  Thimerosal containing shots it would seem have a longer shelf life than we do.  The point is, the health care policy we are forced to accept gambles with our health for the greater good of the population.  This is unacceptable!  Yet it is toted as science.  Science by its definition is precise and does not take risks especially when we the people are the guinea pigs.

Take also the example set by John McCain, who obviously would not have been any better than Obama, with his Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010.  This only makes sense when we read that Vitamin D supplements are fare more effective at preventing the flu than the flu shot has ever been and it has none of the harmful ingredients or side effects.  The government isn’t as inept as they would like us to think.  They know that supplements and natural foods are far more effective in keeping the population healthy than their poisons masqueraded as safe and good for you.  It is the same story with marijuana.  The only reason it is outlawed is because the government hasn’t yet found a way to make money off of it– except in keeping it illegal!  Now, I have no interest in smoking marijuana, but it makes no sense to outlaw something that grows practically everywhere in this country.  Supplements will soon be outlawed except for those who purchase a license or get their supplements via a prescription.  McCain (a big government representative) wants you to get a prescription for Vitamin C and Echinacea.  That is the mentality of the government.  They want you and me to be always dependent on them and by the way they make even more money off of your health.

Since it is established that government health care is no more effective than supplementation in your daily life, that government will seek to mandate their policy on you, and that government addresses social issues with drugs- it should come as no surprise when Massachusetts mandates an O.D.D. vaccine for children AND adults.  O.D.D. is apparently a very serious disorder that may cause people to say no to the government.  You think this is a joke?  Take a look at some of the scientific articles concerning ODD.  Oppositional Defiant Disorder can take hold of your child from time to time according to American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  It can be treated with medication.  No mention of discipline.  “In children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), there is an ongoing pattern of uncooperative, defiant, and hostile behavior toward authority figures that seriously interferes with the youngster’s day to day functioning.”  Defiance is a disorder.  We should have known!  Discipline has nothing to do with it.  It is not your fault if you are defiant towards authority figures.  You just need a vaccine to correct your behavior.

Mike Adams with Natural News writes this “Parents are also finding huge benefits from the O.D.D. vaccines. Twenty-seven year old Linda Johanson, who took part in the 7-day clinical trial that proved the vaccines were both safe and effective, told the Associated Press that the vaccine “…made my child far easier to handle as a parent. He no longer spoke out against me or had his own ideas. He simply did what I told him, and now our household feels like family again.””

Seems fitting that the child no longer had his own ideas.  This is exactly how the government wants the population: compliant.  Public school exists to make you fit into their model.  If you can’t there are several drugs to help you fit and now there is a vaccine to make you fit in– even if you are an adult.  The National Institutes of Health say that ODD “is more common in boys than in girls.”  No surprise since boys have more testosterone, which by the way is a threat to the government apparently.  Notice that it is not only children, but also young adults who can be diagnosed with ODD.  Some young adults don’t like what the government is doing and so have a disorder?  This is not science.  This is control.

Add to the mix the latest government raids on Christian militia groups.  Initial news reports all said the same thing.  The groups were militia, they were Christian, they read the US Constitution, they might have been out to kill muslims, they were anti-government.  Is any of this a federal offense?  Don’t forget that Christians have always been out to kill muslims, right?  Completely false allegations propagated by the media.  It seems that if you are a survivalist and seek to be prepared for the collapse of this country or prepared for a natural disaster you are somehow anti-government and a threat.  Is it against the law to have a distrust for the government after its history of bungles including the recent handling of Katrina?  The government huddled hundreds of refugees- criminals and innocent people alike, gangs and citizens, legals and illegals, and guess what happened?  Rape, murder, vandalism, etc.  And out of this the lesson the commonsensical man, interestingly enough many of them are Christian, is that the government will not protect us.

The conclusion to all of this is that the government feels you need a vaccine if you join Christian militia groups, decide to decline certain vaccines, home school your children as an alternative to public school where they will be exposed to drugs, sex, bomb threats, global warming scams, altered history books.  Probably all of the f0unding fathers needed O.D.D. vaccinations as well.

Simply put there is nothing wrong with asking questions, demanding answers from our elected representatives, taking part in survivalist training, being prepared for the end times, saying no to vaccines, saying no when the government oversteps its authority, being part of a christian militia, spanking your children.


~ by Majestic on March 29, 2010.

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