Medical Science from Jekyll Island

There are certain triggers that usually set me off throughout the day on any given topic especially concerning the Constitution or on Medical Tyranny. Today we were watching HGTV where they painted a bathroom with environmentally friendly paint, which as they said contained no toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is one of the primary ingredients in most vaccines we give our children in America!

Lets do a little common sense digging here. Let us take for example the MMR Vaccine produced by Merck.  What does it contain?  What are its ingredients that we inject in the most unnatural way right past our first line of defense, the epidermis.   From a moral perspective the MMR vaccine contains human diploid cellsWhere did they get them?  From aborted human fetal tissue. Feel ok giving your child cells from an aborted baby?  Still worried about getting Measles, Mumps, or Rubella?  Why don’t you find a study showing that the MMR actually protects you from any of the above claims.  The funny thing is you won’t find them.  It is a claim made by the drug company with absolutely no double blind study proving the vaccine actually protects your child from M., M., or R.!  And if you are pro-life how can you support the vaccine program that uses aborted fetal tissue in its development?  Kind of inconsistent isn’t it?  Morally vaccines are wrong and real world trials actually prove they aren’t effective in protecting your child!  Search the news articles for measles outbreaks in 99% vaccinated populations in schools!  But you can keep believing the scientists from Jekyll Island if you want to..  ignorance is bliss to most Americans anyway.

Now here is the one that really gets me.  The toxic chemicals that they put in our vaccines.  At my job I happen to audit hazardous materials that come through our facility.  If for example, we get formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum solutions, or polysorbate 80 it must be checked to make sure it meets the safe transportation requirements.  If any of these chemicals spill we must call in a hazardous  materials responder, who is dressed in full PPE gear: rubber gloves, goggles, apron, knee high rubber boots!  If any amount of mercury is spilled we evacuate the facility.  On the toxicity of formaldehyde check out its MSDS for safe handling procedures..  you must wear protective gear when handling it, you must immediately flush exposed area of skin for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.  Do the MSDS on any of the ingredients in our vaccines.  You come up with the same garbage nonsense.  Sound like healthful science to you? or more like medical tyranny from Jekyll Island?

The greatest decline of this nation is because the citizens of each of its states lack any kind of critical thinking and go for whatever they see on TV or simply give in to fear and stop thinking.  We have become like mindless animals and have got to wake up to the harsh realities the big corporations are sweeping under the carpet.  Vaccines create moral problems as well as health problems.  No where do they protect you as they claim to do and only come with side effects classified as mild, moderate, or severe.  Take your pick because that is the only claim the manufacturers make that is reality!  The rest is research myth.

~ by Majestic on October 30, 2010.

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