“What’s in Placebos: Who Knows?”

As sick as it sounds its true.  According to Annals of Internal Medicine, “No regulations govern placebo composition. The composition of placebos can influence trial outcomes and merits reporting.”

We all know how it should work.  Science is supposed to be unbiased, completely randomized in its testing, observations without interference, etc.  Test tube A with test substance compared to test tube B with placebo, but not so according to the Annals and as posted by Vaccine Awareness Network,  “In a genuine medical trial, the medicinal product is supposed to be tested against a completely harmless substance, such as water or a sugar pill, however, in most trials a harmful placebo is given so that both sides have side-effects and it looks as if the medicine is safe. For instance, the placebo in Gardasil trials was aluminium and this has many side-effects.”  So many side effects and it still remains in vaccines.

Sadly, the face for all of this is a gentle, intelligent looking doctor and fuzzy warm images of saving your child from said boogie man diseases.

The science is bad, the drugs are worse, the drug companies and regulatory agencies are criminals.  Think twice before you decide to give up your health for their “healthy” options.  Consider alternatives.

Dig into the facts!

~ by Majestic on December 31, 2010.

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