Terrorism: Americans can’t Connect the Dots

In a previous note I express my take on the great government scam sold to the American people.  The scam is called terrorism.  As a history major, who loves facts and has read countless books and sources now, you hear or see a theme enough times it begins to sound absurd.

Take for example one of Joseph Goebbels’ speeches on 18 February 1943 in which the call to support the war effort sounds rather similar to that of Bush’s 9/11 speech.  Strikingly similar in that you also have the pro-war government of today calling those who question the military aggression overseas as unpatriotic when in fact dissent is the strongest form of true American patriotism!  In Goebbels’ day they didn’t just call you unpatriotic for not supporting the war effort they also said you were not supporting the troops, a major no-no in the day thanks to a military legacy brought on by Prussia.

It seems odd that not many see the similarities in governments since we have almost an endless stream of federally provocateured “home grown” terrorist attempts.  Check the news!  All of them involve the feds supplying the material and pushing a disgruntled individual towards striking at the heart of our national security.  It is all sensationalized because they know that if they don’t find another patsy to provocateur more Americans might wake up.

How long are we going to sit mind controlled by the government’s media?  Our government federally provocateured the Mujahideen during the cold war in Afghanistan against the Soviets. Who do you think did the 9/11 attacks?  The same people!  Radicalized muslims.  Who do you think Eric Holder is afraid of when he talks about home grown terrorism?  The only people nabbed have been grudge holding workers given devices and know how by our government.  Who is he really afraid of?  The people taking back their country?  Is Waco our perfect example of who the government really sees as terrorists?  Gun holders?  Should we look at the federally provocateured militia group in Michigan?

Step back a little further in time if you are struggling with the idea that the feds might work with terrorists.  On December 7th, 1941 FDR, the sweetheart President who brought us the destructive “New Deal,” allowed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor so that we might gain entrance into the war.  This after the US provoked the Japs with oil embargos and naval exercises off their coastal waters.  Any historian who has seriously studied World War II knows this.  Read your history people!  Stop getting it second hand from your pro-government high school curriculum.  Do the research yourself.  One cannot be truly informed unless he does the work himself.

Further, why do the schools all teach that Lincoln was a hero?  He was a white supremacist!  He wasn’t the great emancipator at all, but rather the great government centralizer.  In his own words he would have dropped abolitionism in a second to hold the Union together.  The government is rewriting history in its own words and we the people don’t see it in even the daily news.

Now, back to terrorism.  Read up on the facts surrounding our buddy buddy relationship with “hijackers” and islamic facists from the beginning.  We have a very secretive government seeking to line its pockets and along the way the blood of countless Americans is being wasted.  Wake up.  Its why people like Julian Assange are persecuted by the feds for wanting freedom of information.  What do you expect from a government acting illegally and out of control?  If they aren’t out of control then why are we bankrupt?

~ by Majestic on January 7, 2011.

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