‘Just say “No”‘ by Kasey

I have never considered myself to be an offensive person. Usually, I do everything possible in my means to do the quite the opposite. I rarely ever raise my voice in public (or cyber public) because I am usually pretty much afraid of violent backlash. Well, I certainly raised my voice and here come the backlashes!

To be quite honest, I am completely disgusted with airline travel and the procedures they are using to “protect” us. To me, it beckons memories in history of a domineering communist of fascist dictator telling its people THEY are what is the problem and then treating them in such a manner as we are beginning to be treated as now. What happen to “We the People?” Since when do we not have a say in what our freedoms should be when we travel? Should fear rule our lives and take away our liberties for the sake of “protecting” us and does it really protect us? Should I give up my right to travel peacefully and as a sovereign citizen who has not been convicted of any crimes (except maybe an expired sticker on my car once) just so perhaps maybe that ONE person who may be lurking out there somewhere will get caught? It seems, in my opinion, that people who intended to do harm (like the underwear bomber) were PERFECTLY recognized and caught WITHOUT invasive pat down procedures being the standard in our airports or the naked body scanners. How did we ever survive before?! If you give an inch of your liberties then one by one they will continue to be taken. I value my country. I love that I have the freedom to speak or write what I believe and that there is not the threat of imprisonment or death like there was or is in many countries around the world. I value liberty because in that liberty I do not have to prove myself to my government, but I can just be who I am without the threat of offending those in power. IF you are offended by someone who seeks to hold on to their rights then you are essentially offended by the values this country was built upon. IF you do not see that person’s rights are their own rights (because our Constitution clearly lays out what those rights are) then you yourself should not have the right to do as you please since you do not want others to do as they please.

We are breeding a generation who does not know or care about the Constitution. This leads to the government freely trampling upon it because the majority of citizens in this country don’t know their liberties are being tread upon. I have generations in my family who fought to keep this country. An ancestor of mine was brave enough to sign the Declaration of Independence and show the King he did NOT agree with the oppression the monarchy was holding over its people. William Hooper was his name. I have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and lost their lives fighting for the liberty I so easily have taken for granted today. My grandfather served in the Merchant Marines taking supplies to our troops in the second World War as our troops were fighting against they tyranny that is ever so slowly becoming a reality here.

There is a silent war going on in our Country. It a war of principalities and powers so very secretly seeping in and destroying everything we hold dear. I raise my voice now because I too want others to be aware of this. Call me crazy or radical if you want. If defending liberties laid down by generations before us and given to us by God (because I believe He gave us this country) makes me an offensive person, than so be it! I will never consider any form of travel that means I give up my rights. The world my children are going to inherit frightens me. What will they not have that I so lovingly cherish now? How far is our government going to reach into our daily lives? I will not live my life in fear. I know God has numbered my days. I will not act in fear and give up my rights as a citizen because I do not trust that God’s wing shelters my life (even in airports).

So, I am sorry if I have offended you reader, that is not my intention. Just don’t tell me I shouldn’t be offended at the audacity of our “leaders” to rip away my rights when it does offend me. I won’t just stand there and take it. I won’t just go with the flow and if that means not taking the mark of the beast (theoretically speaking) than that too I will not do! Our government is indeed becoming a beast! So airline traveler…stand up for your rights! Say NO to your representatives who should be representing you!

Read your Constitution and be proud!


Read the Declaration (why we separated from England in the first place) Know where you come from!


Be brave and contact your Representatives!


~ by Kasey on January 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “‘Just say “No”‘ by Kasey”

  1. The least expected conclusion. But when you think about, diversity in thought is good for the community as a whole.

  2. Hi, Kasey~

    I am a grandmother now–grew up learning that only backward, uncivilized countries took to the streets to protest when they were not happy with their government. We were proud to say that we had an honorable, civilized form of representative government. Then, as years went by, I began to see U.S. citizens take to the streets and riot.

    Only recently did I realize that we don’t really have a respresentative form of government. Very few people who hold office today are representing the American people. Now we are being told what to do. Maybe at one time many years ago our government was functioning as it was supposed to, but now we have become like the rest of the world.

    Unless we turn back to God, this is the end of America. I don’t think we have much time left.

    Thank you for your article. It is encouraging to know that there are others out there who will not compromise their self-respect before God for the sake of a plane ride. God has given us more important priorities in life.

  3. Hi Kay,

    Thank you for your comment. I always cringe when I see a new comment posted because quite frankly, the majority of people who I have spoken with or shared to regarding my thoughts have looked at me like I am someone obsessing over something silly! It’s nice to hear from someone who affirms my concerns. I wish more of our countrymen and women would raise their voices the right way, which is by contacting their representatives and senators and letting them know when they are stepping over their bounds. What shocks me the most is that even when speaking to people of my generation who get fired up over specific issues…that is all they do…they get fired up and then do nothing to share that fire with their government!

    I agree, our nation is prideful and arrogant and full of apathetic individuals who do not seek God. Although God’s judgement is a fearful thing it is a good thing too, if you think of it. God is a just God and His correction and discipline perfect. I am saddened at the thought of those who do not fear that correction because it will be something serious!! I always hope to share this concern with others because that hope that our country could return to what is was will never die in me.

    Be well!

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