No Cure for the Common Cold

There is no cure for the common cold.  Yet we are to believe the establishment when they tell us that they have eradicated certain diseases or that we can be vaccinated against certain bacteria and viruses?

If something as simple as the “common” cold cannot be eradicated how can they possibly have a cure from said boogieman illness?

There is a logical question to ponder as I sit here with a head cold of my own and wonder at their arrogance.

They say “over 200 viruses can cause a cold.”  So how many different strains of flu are there?  “The truth is, no one really knows.” Flu strains constantly mutate all of the time!  Everyone knows this, but people in general are scared into getting a flu shot every year and they still get the flu.  Funny how that works, but for whatever reason we don’t pick up on that and wise up next year to put these big pharmaceutical corporations out of business.  Predictably the flu vaccine even raises your risk of getting the flu.  Why is this predictable?  Like all businesses repeat business is profitable.  Sell the masses on a flu vaccine that does not protect you, but raises your risk for more hospitalization– translate business.

Its like that with every vaccine:  No protection, but a huge list of side effects.  In fact, that is all you are guaranteed by these criminals!  Side effects.

~ by Majestic on January 10, 2011.

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