What doesn’t Contain MSG?

Even infant formula is loaded with the potent neurotoxin.  Its almost depressing to look at the long list of ingredients in absolutely everything processed and packaged for us.  Monosodium Glutamate is in everything.. even powdered milk.  Geeze.  “Commercial dehydration methods oxidize cholesterol in powdered milk, rendering it harmful to the arteries. High temperature drying also creates large quantities of cross-linked proteins and nitrate compounds, which are potent carcinogens, as well as free glutamic acid [MSG] which is toxic to the nervous system” (Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon p. 35).”

Infant formula is the real shocker for me.  How could they?  Corporate America is out for one thing.  Money.  Don’t forget the FDA approved MSGs use in all of its sick forms.  MSG is after all “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA.

I did do some research on infant formula.  I talked to a representative at Earth’s Best and they assured me the highest standards are maintained in preventing hydrolized ingredients in their formulas.  Sigh of relief.  At least for the moment.

The basic moral of this story is to buy fresh, buy local, raise it yourself, and cook it yourself.  Do the research!

~ by Majestic on January 11, 2011.

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