Why Trust these Guys?

It is no wonder our nation is going bankrupt.  1.) We have an education system that promotes money hungry zombies, 2.) a medical system that sucks you in and bankrupts both your wallet and your health, and 3.) corporations out to turn a buck on you.  What do all these things have in common?  The love of money.

1.) I recommend reading a book titled The End of Education by Neil Postman on our education system run by the government. Briefly I will say that it looks at the invasion of technology in the classroom and the simultaneous decline of the IQ– if I may use that pathetic measurement of knowledge.  He also looks at how the classroom promotes the pursuit of money not education or bettering one’s self.  This is a true statement in general, but there are always those student exceptions striving for excellence.  When I taught for a year as a Latin teacher at the local high school I asked many of my students why they were in school.  The resulting answer nine times out of ten was so they could make a good income.  Rarely did I find a student as silly as me who was looking to better themselves through books and learning.  The education end has become money, not knowledge.  This is a sad state of affairs as the love of money has pervaded our classrooms while the books have taken a backseat.

2.) Our medical system has long been under the control and influence of pharmaceutical corporation. We are an Overtreated nation as Shannon Brownlee puts it in her book.  We get sucked in by the smiling face of the system that literally uses radiation to suck the life our of you and empty your wallet.  Did you know that some drugs cost you as much or more as eight thousand dollars a month?  How much is that a year when the average American makes what? Two to three thousand dollars a month?  That is an outrage considering doctors make something like $10,000.00 on each patient for drugs they sponsor.  Who is really being helped by modern “medicine”.  Consider alternatives to these scum bags and their toxic tonics.  Dr. Mercola for one promotes alternatives that allow you to take back what is rightfully yours: your health.  One final thought on trusting that smiling doctor.

3.) Corporations are out of control. Consider Martha Stewart and her scam.  Think about the Enron scandal that put how many people on the streets.  What about the FDA allowing for your demise so food additive companies turn a dime on your health?  Check this out: 15 Dirty Big Pharma Tricks That Rip You Off and Risk Your Health for Profit.  Or what about the wikileaks documents that reveal the Bush administration sought to retaliate against Europe over genetically modified crops. For love of the dollar– not you.

The moral of the story is this: if you do not look out for your health these guys certainly will not.  We must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.  There is no alternative to being informed!  Do your research.  Buy your food locally.  Learn to cook and read those ingredients!  Every last one of them.

~ by Majestic on January 16, 2011.

One Response to “Why Trust these Guys?”

  1. And if you don’t know what a certain ingredient is look it up. I used to just glance at ingredients and I would always recognize a few and then just assume all the others were o.k. even if they were something I didn’t recognize. Also, don’t buy into the belief that “a little won’t hurt you.” Yes, your body probably would be able to filter out the yucky little amount of whatever by eating that bag of chips just once, but if you look harder, that ingredient is in everything else processed on the grocery shelves!! A little turns in to a lot REALLY quick!

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