Abortion Doctor Charged with Murder

A Philadelphia doctor is being charged with murder over abortion only because he wasn’t an ob/gyn, only because he didn’t use the proper scientific methods, and only because he didn’t have the proper license to prescribe drugs.  According to the statists it would have been ok if he had the right credentials and was a part of their club.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees the rights of all in this country.  Abortion is in direct violation to this as it ends a life.  If you don’t agree that life begins at conception think of it this way.  Abortion ends the life that would have been.  The life that was going to be pursued by that baby.  Therefore, it is murder and a violation of the rights of that person.  The end is the same: the rights of the baby are denied.

I never understood why Christians sided with Bush on abortion and still defend him!  He allowed for the murder of more babies than did Hitler of Jews.  Bush is as guilty as the Nazi regime in that light.  On top of it all, Bush and the Republicans only further demonstrate where their allegiance really lies.. to the Republican party–not the rights of the individual.  If the Republicans really cared about abortion they would have poured more energy into it and not spent billions on killing more people overseas in illegal “wars”.

~ by Majestic on January 20, 2011.

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