Everything you need to know about Rep. Paul Ryan

It doesn’t take much to spot another establishment guy.  It always goes like this, “many viewers will get their first look at a man whom GOP leaders are trusting,” or “while unknown to most Americans.”  Remember Obama and “change” or “yes we can”?  It was the same story.  “Rising Democratic star,” or try this one “”Obama-mania” swept New Hampshire yesterday as Sen. Barack Obama introduced himself to Democratic voters.

So here we go again.  The promises made by another pretty faced schmuck, Representative Paul Ryan.


The man says all the right things, puts on the right show, tells us that the GOP needs “housecleaning”– very similar to Obama’s “new kind of politics” and change.  You tell the people just enough truth and of what the popular mood is and BOOM! you get yourself a winner.

The guy is an easy vote off of the ballet.  Basically, everything you need to know about him is this.. he voted yes on HR 4939 giving almost a trillion dollars to the war effort in 2006, but supplied only two billion for patrolling our borders.  In 2009, he voted to extend unemployment benefits with HR 3548 giving away hard earned tax dollars and costing the country an insane sum of approximately 100 billion dollars.  The billions don’t stop there.  In 2008, he voted to give $14 billion to the automotive industry in HR 7321.  He voted yes to Medicare in HR 6331!  Pro Homeland (fatherland– just like Nazi Germany) Security in HR 5441.  Line Item Veto Bill recieved a yay from Rep. Ryan in HR 4890, basically giving the President the power to write into law whatever he wants.  Next to the Patriot Act you don’t get any more unconstitutional than that.

There is not enough room in this blog to list everything Mr. Ryan has voted for and let alone spent with your and my money.  The guy voted no to regulation and oversight of the Federal Reserve in HR 4173.  What more proof do you need that he is an establishment guy, who has no interest in bringing about change for the better.. a Constitutional Republic that represents its citizens.

Despite this voting record here is what most Americans will get from the media and establishment: “If I was starting a football team in a national budget league, I’d pick Paul Ryan as the captain and quarterback.”  This according to Rep. Dan Lungren (R., Calif.).  Really? A captain and quarterback who will do what Mr. Lungren?  Spend, spend, spend??

Feel free to look up and read any of the bills the dazzling Paul Ryan voted on at the Library of Congress.

~ by Majestic on January 25, 2011.

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