You are what you eat: Food Matters

Want to wake your family members up to the toxins they are daily consuming?  Not sure they understand that pharmacy is a corporation and corporations exist to make money?  How about your daily eating habits?  Think the American diet will help you live to 100?  What about modern medicine?  Surely medical treatments cure disease?

Not so!  Check out a great documentary called “Food Matters“.  The film was released in October of 2009 and has some great statistics backing its message.  Unlike Food Inc., Food Matters addresses the issue of proper diet and exercise as a lifestyle.  Many people are fooled into absurd diet fads like weight watchers, or carb counting.  None of that really addresses why you have gained weight in the first place.  Food Matters encourages you the individual to take responsibility for your health.

I often wonder why my Christian friends continue to suffer under the blade and radiation of the medical system.  You would think Christians to be the most enlightened people in the world, the most tolerant, unjudging, etc.  Instead we have some of the most critical, judgmental, and misguided people when it comes to politics, medicine, and morality.  Wow, that is a mouthful!  I mean, when you think about your body as a temple– and it is according to Scripture, Christianity in America instantly thinks about sexual purity and leaves the rest to the Hands of Grace.  There is more to it than that and Scripture makes a clear case of avoiding idolatry of any kind.  So why do we idolize the medical system?  Why do we give our bodies to an atheistic system?  That is not Christian!  That is not being a follower to any extent of the definition.

So why do Christians like sheep follow the corporatist atheists and entrust them with their temples?  The very temples God has entrusted to us as our responsibility.  That is no better than sexual sin!  You are polluting your temple and sinning against the very body God gave you, Christian man.  And yet, you continue to pass judgment on your fellow man for sexual sin while you engage in the very same.

Food Matters has nothing to do with Christianity.  Its just interesting that the theme of being alert, taking care of the body, and not becoming a slave to a corporation seem to coincide with some biblical principles of taking care of your temple.

Enough said.  Any takers?  Food Matters.  You are what you eat.  For further reading you might also consider the Maker’s Diet.

~ by Majestic on January 26, 2011.

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