9/11 Synthetic Terrorism: Made in USA by Webster Tarpley

Anyone who has seriously looked at the facts of 9/11 will have to conclude that the 9/11 Commission was simply a government cover up.  If you don’t believe me sit down with a copy you can pick up for free via pdf on the net and tell me how confused you are after reading it.  As a history student I can tell you I’ve never read about and simply cannot find any historical requisite to a building collapsing due to fire no matter how intense.  To have two towers collapse on the same day is unheard of.  That is why we have over a thousand engineers and architects asking that very same question at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth asking for an independent study into the events of 9/11/2001.  Read their documents and listen to their arguments.

There is no such thing as conspiracy theory when there is so much historical fact and cover up surrounding the event.  What about the curious story of Larry Silverstein?

Consider the words of Webster Tarpley in his book on synthetic terrorism:

“On September 7, 2001 I left Dulles Airport in northern Virginia on an Air France flight en route to Europe. 9/11 itself overtook me in Berlin. Because of the time difference, I learned of the terror attacks in the afternoon. I immediately concluded that the events of that day, because of their scope, complexity, and technical precision, could not have been possible without the massive complicity of a faction of the US political and military command structure. This is what the US taxpayers were paying $40 billion a year for! It was also clear to me that the goal of this operation was a new world war on a vast scale – something along the lines of the Thirty Years’ War of 1618-1648, which killed about a
third of the population of central Europe. In the intentions of its planners, this new conflict was to be a population war, designed to exterminate large parts of the population of the developing sector, including the Arab and Moslem countries, and eventually China. It was the desperate bid of a bankrupt and declining power to re-assert world domination based on blackmail. It was a world-historical turn towards disaster. (4)

The failure of the Kean-Hamilton Commission leaves the world with the imbecilic myth: the four airliners were hijacked by nineteen Arabs, from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Kuwait. Their squad leaders were Atta, Shehhi, Hanjour, and Jarrah. Their “mastermind” was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Their rear echelon was Ramzi Binalshib. Their guru was
Osama Bin Laden, the terrorist pope who lives in a cave. From his distant grotto in the mountains of Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden, the diabolical genius of the twenty-first century, directed the worldwide network that attacked the United States. (14)”

~ by Majestic on February 18, 2011.

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