Ron Paul at CPAC 2011

CPAC is a great place to get a feel for the Republican attitude of the people.  From what I’ve observed it is a majority of Republican party attendees that tend to be the more active of the party.  What I mean is that the typical republican voter won’t be in attendance.  Who is the typical voter?  Half-hearted knowledge of the candidates, gets his information from the media regarding the issues, sees a pretty face and the republican brand and suddenly feels confident in who he will vote for.  CPAC attendees tend to be political activists or the more outspoken and knowledgeable of the voters.  That is one reason Ron Paul has won the straw poll for the past two years I am sure.

With that being said why is it that the overwhelming media feel is that of negativity towards the Texas congressman?  Fox News tried to create the impression that he was booed upon being announced the winner; the Washington Post said “sometimes winning can actually be closer to losing” in their take of CPAC 2011 and then went on to praise Romney; Christian Science Monitor titled their article on Ron Paul and the CPAC win as “Does it Matter?

The question really is this: who controls the media that they think they can opine?  It is not news when opinions get intermixed and images flashed aren’t actual or factual.  Take Rupert Murdoch’s admission that Fox News has an agenda regarding so-called “news”:

That is still not enough for the majority of my fellow Americans, friends and family, who still get caught up in the lies and media hype.  Most people will defend Fox News as a good business model.  Business is about making money and playing what people want to hear.  Seriously?  So they admit it is entertainment and not news.  Thus they admit to being clueless.

Back to the point, though.  The media is corporate run.  That means the establishment is interested in what you see and hear.  It is boiling down to control or simply put “propaganda.”  Proof of this is the ready demonization of Ron Paul.  His take on government is that of the Constitution.  The Constitutional perspective is anti-establishment.  Now we see why he is seen under such a negative light via the media and by so many “Republicans” who think they are conservative.

Consider  the National Inflation Association’s (NIA) article on why the establishment fears Ron Paul.  They sum it up in a series of videos and then explain in another article their breakdown on CPAC.

The conclusion of CPAC is basically this: Most conservatives see Sarah Palin is a clueless nobody (3% of the straw poll) and that Ron Paul (30%) is very popular among thinking and active conservatives.  That obviously doesn’t make him right from a Christian perspective.  As Christians we need to see where Ron Paul stands on three issues: What is the Origin of Government?  What is the Function of Government?  and what is the Power of Government?

Christians also need to remember that falling for arguments surrounding “electability” are not only wrong they aren’t biblical!  There is right and there is wrong when it comes to exercising your talents: specifically voting.  I’m not saying vote for Ron Paul, but when the overwhelming amount of responses I’ve heard against voting for Ron Paul are absurd, zombie, thoughtless, establishment lingo I’ve got to question where you get your news from and your stand on Christian principles acted out in life.  Right is right, realistic is wrong.

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~ by Majestic on February 18, 2011.

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