Rapturism leads to Defeatism in Christians

Rapturism is a form of escapism.  Rapturism leads to defeatism in a Christian’s life thereby rendering his actions impotent in the sphere of influence.  This is the worldview of many Christians today in the States.  And we wonder why the country is spiraling out of control?  Why our leaders no longer respect God’s authority?

Rapturism is this idea that Jesus is coming back soon to take all of His loved ones home before the world gets much worse. It is more than an idea because it gets played out in our daily walk.  It becomes a worldview.  Christian worldview today has rendered Christianity impotent in America.  Christianity has zero influence on the culture around it because of Rapturism, the philosophy that we all should sit around playing a harp while we wait for Jesus to come back.

To get a better idea of what I mean, imagine you are running a race.  You press on to reach the goal, the finish line, but you never let your mind rest on being finished.  What happens is the inevitable slowing down as the mind begins to release hormones to cool down.  No, you press on!  You fight the good fight and press on.  Not until you reach the finish line do you let yourself relax.  The finish line is not going to help you press on.  Focusing on the task at hand and challenging yourself moves you forward toward the goal you committed to reach.

In the above scenario you could of course accept defeat early on and say the race isn’t worth running.  Or simply try to keep your head above the water as most Christians do when they are hit with a struggle like pornography.  They think they are alright or doing well because they accomplished this one thing..  “I didn’t look at porn today!”  That is such a small part of the Christian life and walk and yet it has become the whole focus!  Churches today, whether they know it or not, are propagating this lifestyle.  The very church atmosphere promotes an “I’m ok, you’re ok” environment where everyone seems to be playing a masquerade.  Its just the way it works I guess when you get so many rich Americans together and they all pretend like there is no sin among them.  I did it and I hate myself for it.

We need to wake our nation up!  Rapturism and expecting the world to get worse before it gets better has no part in godly living! Wake yourself up fellow believer because this mindless philosophy will not help you in your struggles with porn or depression or of evangelizing.  Its interesting how the philosophy of Carpe Diem has infiltrated the church.  It is such a pagan saying and yet we think we know what it means.  “Seize the day,” right?  Do any of us know who said it?  Horrace.  Who gave it real meaning?  Catullus.  Catullus was a self centered poet who wrote some of the vilest creations in Roman times.  His take on Carpe Diem?  Get drunk while you can and enjoy yourself for tomorrow you will die.  Total defeatist and escapist.  Let us escape reality he says because tomorrow it all ends.  How influential do you think he was in any positive sense of the word?  He is dead and gone and made no impact for God’s glory.  Will you follow the same fate?  How will you be remembered when you are gone?  “Chris played computer games.”  “He was really quiet.”  “I never saw him smile much.”  “He was kind of shy.”  “He never talked about politics.”  “He never got involved.”  He never made a difference.

Imagine if Martin Luther was a rapturist or John Calivin?  Imagine if the pilgrims were rapturists.  Imagine if our founding fathers were rapturists.  Imagine if Jesus Christ was a rapturist!  We would have no country!  We would have no Lord!  We would be living futile lives.  Rapturism is not biblical and has no place in your daily walk.  It is time to shake the dust and gloom from your head.

Rapturism is an absolutely negative worldview.  The only people it allows to flourish are the evil people of this world, the Hitlers, the Mao Tse-Tungs, the Stalinists, the George Bush crowd, the New World Order crowd, the statists.  It gives people like them power.  Read Romans 13 on what government is all about.  The founding fathers knew it.  Moses knew it when he had elected officials from Israel form a senate long before the Greeks ever thought they coined the word!!  Government has its authority and power from God.  Not the people as we are often lied to with the definition of democracy- “of the people, by the people, for the people” as the war criminal Abraham Lincoln put it.  He obviously had no idea what Christian principles in government looked like either and he certainly didn’t hold himself or government accountable to God as Romans 13 puts it.

We have let the powers of the world rewrite history via their government issued history books, we have let atheist historians tell us how men like George Washington and Patrick Henry lived out their Christian lives, we have let godless doctors tell us medical science has the cure to your godless living, we have let the perversion of contraception invade our philosophy of the unborn and allowed us to disobey God’s first command to man of “be fruitful and multiply“, we have let the evil of this world destroy a biblical worldview and in turn rendered Christianity impotent.

Rapturism has allowed Christianity to become just another opinion, just another religion.  Why? because we ourselves don’t believe that God can bring revival!  We don’t believe the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We don’t believe that He will give us the words to speak.  We sit fearful and afraid and instead distract ourselves with the football game, the bachelor, virtual reality, etc.  Christians say there is no point in getting involved in politics.  There is no point in confronting the issues.  There is no point in making a difference or putting our face on the line.  Why?  Because in the end God is just going to come back and make it all right.  No wonder Hollywood has more influence on culture!  They don’t just sit back and wait for Jesus to come back.  They are actively trying to make a difference by the billions of dollars and countless hours producing propaganda films!  The minority gays and lesbians are out there making more of a difference on culture and on our world than d0 nothing Christians, who are susceptible to Republican lies time and again.

Wake up and smell the ashes of your burnt philosophy oh Christian.  What kind of future are you preparing for your children?  Or have you fallen to believe unwanted children are too burdensome to have as the rest of the world and abortionists have?  Why not use contraception in your marriage, Christian?  You aren’t any different than those who have abortions.  You decide not to have children for the same reasons.  They are after all just unwanted children, whether you murder them outright or in your heart, Christian.

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~ by Majestic on February 26, 2011.

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