Everything You Need to Know About Newt

If he runs it will be to lose in the general just as McCain did.  The plan is to keep a real conservative out of the race and protect the global strategy.” –hondact200

What is there to say about Newt?  He’s one of those guys like John Edwards, who left his wife as  she laid dying in bed with cancer.  A man of true character.

He’s the same guy, who pushed for Clinton’s impeachment while he had his own private affair with Callista Bisek 20 years his junior.

Third Wave by Allen Toffler is Newt’s most highly recommended book in which Toffler urges a new phase of government.  A republic is obsolete as the founders saw it he says.  He urges the death of the American Constitutional system as Gingrich believes also.

He’s a total new world order junkie, a big government tyrant, a Bush clone, a Nancy Pelosi superstar and take a look at his voting record!  With HR4104 Newt voted to give the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 7.77 Billion dollars.  In October of 1998 he voted yes to give the government almost half a trillion dollars to spend on various agencies.  In February of 1995 he voted YES to allow the president the line item veto power thus giving the president unlimited power and the ability to line item anything into law in HR 2.

What is interesting to me is that Newt was a no vote on almost 75% of the legislation that passed through during his time in office.  What was he being paid for?  Affairs?  He is total scum and a leech to US tax payers while supporting an authoritarian government.

~ by Majestic on March 9, 2011.

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