With Eyes that Will not Hear: the “lesser” of two evils


A note to the Christian, who has allied himself with the secularists, and, who finds it appalling that a fellow Christian might classify himself as neither democrat or republican.

Christian, I think you are getting caught up in the left right paradigm. There is truth and it has little to do with politics and vying politicians.

Just because one party is better than the other or more “right” doesn’t make it right.  That is justifying the end result and ignoring the means thus creating a bad means to your so called just end.  For example, its ok that one person was tortured to save a city?  Bad means to a just end.  This is not biblical.

This is a silly example, but consider what I am trying to convey to you.  What if I offered you brownies.  Man, they smell great and they just came out of the oven.  You know you want one!  I tell you they are homemade and delicious, but there is just a spec of dog poop in the ingredients.  They taste more right than wrong, Christian.  Why would you hold off?  For the very same reason you should abstain from giving your loyalty to a secular party that has done nothing on its own accord to further the kingdom of God!

Take for example my statement of: There is nothing biblical about the conservative movement.  And the typical/trained response is to simply say “well in general it far greater reflects” a Christian attitude.  You are right there without meaning to be!  It reflects American Christian attitudes: that we do not trust God on the hard issues. What does Christian conservative have to do with biblical, Christian? Christian conservative has very little to do with the bible these days. The movement has been snatched up by the secular authors and control freak Christians not content to live according to a Romans 13 perspective of government.

Lets examine a few of the issues of the godless conservative movement and see how biblical and “right” they are:

1.) Does the party seek to glorify God? — Never once Have I heard George Bush, Sarah Palin, Good old Newt, Mitt Romney or any of the other leaders pray “in Jesus name” or let alone in their personal lives ever mention that Jesus Christ is LORD.  Yet we assume they are bible believing, born again, followers of Christ?  Are we really going to have change when just another “conservative” gets in the office?  No.

2.) On the issue of Sanctity of Life? — More babies died a bloody death under George W. Bush than did Jews under Hitler. To add to the list of blood letting lets look at the countless thousands of civilians that died in illegal and unjust wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. What sanctity of life, conservative Christian?  We hand out condoms just as fast as the atheists do.  To be maybe a little crude and apply an observation from the farm: Flies procreate better than Christians do!

3.) On the issue of biblical finances and becoming free of debt. — More money was spent than ever and government exploded under GOP “conservative” rule.  Debt had never seen such height than under our last “conservative” whose very campaign stance was on limited government, no foreign interference, cut the budget, etc. What a liar!  And we fell for it as Christians because he was the “lesser” of two evils.  No such thing!  There is no such thing as the lesser of two evils!  You are good or you are evil– end of story.

I could go on. Do I need to go on, Christian? I will go on if you can give me one issue that tea partiers, conservatives, or republicans have taken up that makes any of the above failures justified.  Not going to happen.  I can tell you already that no such issue exists that can justify the criminal offenses committed by those godless men.

I don’t understand why conservative/republicans can be some of the most judgmental and elitist group to think that anyone who is not loyal to the GOP or secular conservative movements is some how in the wrong.  What in your walk with Christ makes you come to that conclusion?  What in the BIBLE makes you come to this conclusion, Christian?

~ by Majestic on March 26, 2011.

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