The Jungle Revisited

Remember that book they made you read in high school?  The Jungle?  The one that convinced you of the need for the FDA?

How about that same FDA in conjunction with the WHO and the CDC have now told us that they know best on certain health issues.  I suppose they should know best if they are the experts, right?  I mean it all makes perfect sense theoretically.  But what happens when they start calling things like fluoride safe? or mercury in “safe” amounts?  Why do they have to spend a fortune to call something safe what common sense alarms in our head tell us to avoid?  They spend an enormous amount of time and resources to convince you and me that toxins and heavy metals are really just alright and “safe” for you and me. I’m speechless here and really outraged.

This is how far we’ve come with our regulatory committees, who have apparently been overrun by corporate infiltrators trying to protect their parent chemical companies or the regulatory companies have become so lax because of the power and trust we’ve given them or they have thrown their hands up because industrial waste and pollution has become so out of control.

Take your pick.  Either way you would be a fool to listen to another word they say.

Here are a few examples.  Take one of the most toxic chemicals in the world like mercury that has been listed as safe in the past as long as you only are exposed to a certain micro-amount.  For example, the CDC still defends mercury in vaccines in the form of thimerosal as safe and that it had nothing to do with the autism explosion even though autism cases mimicked mercury poisoning cases.  It doesn’t take a brainiac to make the connection between mercury and autism especially when kids were getting way over the “safe” limit with several vaccines at a time.  But they still insist its a safe neurotoxin and continue to call outraged parents of autism lunatics.  What about all the warnings of mercury in seafood?  You shouldn’t eat fish from certain polluted rivers because they are contaminated with mercury, but don’t mind us if we inject it in your kid right past his immune system’s first line of defense.

Aluminum is another neurotoxin we are finding in more and more products including vaccines where it is concentrated at very high amounts, but still within the “safe” limit even though it has successfully been linked to autism, cancers, Alzheimers, disorders, etc.  It is in almost all of the foods we buy, the products we use, and the vaccines we inject.  How far past the safe limit do you think you will be after eating aluminum containing hamburgers, then smoothing on that aluminum containing lotion, and then getting your flu shot while putting on that antiperspirant deodorant?  Your body can only handle so much and when a heavy metal toxin like aluminum is in everything there is no way to escape some sort of side effects or disease/disorder.  But rest assured because it’s still “safe”!

What about fluoride?  Safe in your toothpaste and safe in your water supply, right?  Well according to the FDA and our CDC its as safe for you as sugar water.  And then you wonder why the safety labels on your toothpaste all say to contact a physician of you or your child swallow any.  Fluoride has an interesting history in the water.  First it was used by Stalin in the gulags and then by Hitler in the ghettos on the Jews.  What does it do to you?  Makes you docile.  What else does it do to you?  In your water it goes straight for your organs like your liver and kidney causing irreparable harm.  But its safe because it helps protect your teeth.  Not so!  There isn’t a single study that demonstrates this fact.  Can you believe it?  Not a single study.  And this is science so you better not question your dentist, who has never looked at the facts himself.  Ever wondered where we get our fluoride?  Try this one on: fluoride is an industrial waste product imported from China.  “Safe” they say with a history like that?  I think something else is going on while someone’s pocket is getting lined at our expense.

How about this big stink about Japan’s nuclear meltdown?  I thought nuclear power was the safest and most efficient power on earth?  Why didn’t we wake up the first time after Chernobyl?  There are still lives impacted by the fallout from that catastrophe.  Or the three mile island leak? or all of the nuclear waste Dick Cheney agreed to bury in the Yucca Mountains in California?  You can’t get rid of the stuff and if you are exposed you are going to have a slow and agonizing trip off of this earth due to strange forms of cancer.  But according to the EPA the exposure to the fallout from the Japanese disaster in the USA will be within the “safe” limits of being exposed to nuclear charged iodine.  What about the plutonium or the nuclear waste we’re all eating and being slowly exposed to as barrels leach the stuff under the mountains, at the bottom of the ocean, in the air we breath?  It never goes away!  But it is “safe” within certain limits we are told.

Why are we listening to these lunatics in the regulatory committee?  They have done nothing for us except give us a slow death to exposure of chemicals like: aspartame, monosodium glutamate, thimerasol, mercury, fluoride, sodium laurel sulfate, all sorts of chemical dyes and artificial flavors, nuclear waste, fallout, chemicals in the air from industrial processes.  You name it we are dying at a rate from cancer like never before within the “safe” limits of exposure from our shampoo, the cellphone we hold up to our head or near our groin, the processed foods, the mouth wash, the public and bottled water, the air we breath, the chlorinated diapers we put on our children, the vaccines we inject, everything!

There is only one thing left to do.  Fire these guys and go after these people while becoming aware ourselves to the danger of the garbage in even our grocery store that we bring home for nourishment.  Buy local, buy fresh, grow it yourself and for goodness sake start reading about the issues through an untainted lens like Sola Scriptura NASB style.

~ by Majestic on March 29, 2011.

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