Motivation for Vaccination

There is no logical reason for getting a vaccine for the simple reason that there is no science backing the theory that vaccinations cause immunization to said diseases.  Instead what we find at the heart of the “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate” debate is fear.  We are driven by Hollywood and many popular TV shows that all have this impending threat to your safety from that which we cannot see: germs! bacteria! viruses!  These things are only a threat to the sick and the dying or the injured.  If you are living according to a biblical lifestyle and getting daily sunshine, eating well (not processed or preserved food), and getting good physical exercise why even dwell on such fear?

Fear is irrational.  It does not take into account the hard facts that we are presented with today.  The fact is our sanitation has done more for disease prevention then medical science ever will.  In fact, vaccines are so ineffective at protecting you from disease that drug companies have to come up with convincing commercials to sway the mass intellect and persuade you that they actually work.  They need pretty faces and makeup in lieu of good science.  But most people will instead get angry and defensive at this kind of debate because the number one reason they were convinced of the need to vaccinate was out of fear.  Scared people will not think rationally or make good decisions.

What is motivating your decision to inject neurological heavy-metals, toxic substances, and biological hazards into the flesh of yourself or of your children?

~ by Majestic on April 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Motivation for Vaccination”

  1. Saved as a favorite, I love your blog! 🙂

  2. […] The final fault in the abortion argument lies in the wholehearted partaking in modern health care.  I can think of no sadder institution on this earth than modern medicine, which has turned its back completely on God.  Under this same institution abortions are committed daily.  This is the darkest blot on America’s record.  Modern medicine.  If even we look at the routine practice and ritualistic acceptance of vaccinations we can see that Christianity has no interest once again in letting abortion inconvenience itself.  There are several problems with vaccines.  The first is that other than it being a great theory vaccines do not immunize.  They in effect do not work.  Try as you might to protect yourself against polio or measles through vaccination all you will achieve is having vaccinated yourself.  Vaccination is not the same thing as immunization and the science proves this.  I challenge you to find a study that is not tainted by corporate funds that actually proves beyond a doubt that vaccines provide immunity to diseases.  Prove it!  In fact, if we look at the mortality to disease it has declined thanks to sanitation before vaccines even existed in America!  Why do we get vaccinated in America?  Fear drives our motivation.  Not rational or analytical thought. […]

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