A Man Must Read to Lead

I first heard the saying during a sermon.  I immediatly took a liking to the phrase– “a man must read to lead.”  I suppose I liked it because I love to read and I like to think I do manly things.  I’ll be honest.  I have a bias towards the phrase.  Laugh with me!  😀

Ok, but to the point.  If we take the context of the sermon, the pastor argued that a man must have a worn out Bible.  It is vital that a man know what is inbetween the covers of such an august book.  The book is a survival guide to everything.  All things are covered in this book.  The Bible doesn’t skip any issue.  It is the one book that is all inclusive.  Unlike some books popular in Christian culture right now the Bible touches thoroughly on everything.  It is remarkable!

I sometimes think about which books I will bring with me when I travel.  It is a problem that I have.  Do I choose for entertainment? to learn something about mechanics? a bible commentary?   Often in my choosing I simply pack the Bible as a “necessary item” and overlook the fact that it is all I need.

Recently I started reading the Bible as if it were a book I enjoyed to read.  What I mean is that I have grown up with a tendancy to read “a chapter a day” to keep the devil away so to speak, but have thought to read like I mean it.  It is amazing the difference!  Chapters and verses are easily misunderstood or pulled out of context.  Reading the whole book of Romans at once or large portions of Genesis reveals so much more than bits at a time.  Although, there is definitely a place for studying specific arguments and sections.  Its just that we don’t typically do that in our daily reading of Scripture.  We read Sola Scriptura out of a feeling that we need to, or out of a  feeling that we want to, or even out of habit.  The way we read the Bible day to day could benefit from reading the full text or at least larger portions!  Save the bite sized readings for specific word studies or translating, etc. unless you are reading in Psalms where it is very obviously broken down into small sections or songs.

A man must read to lead.  In this information age where media and the net saturate the waves with random facts, statistics, headlines blown way out of context and hype it is so importany and necessary for a man to read.  Turn your television off and don’t bother with Drudge or Infowars for your daily “news”.  Turn instead to Scripture.  Everything you need for your day is there.  Practically speaking the weather is the only bit of news that really has an impact on the planning portion of your day anyway! and even then they get it wrong more oft than not!! 😀

I used to be an avid reader of the daily news.  I was a subscriber to the Richmond Times.  I picked it up daily at the newstand.  It felt good in my hands.  Then I subscribed to the Washington Times because I thought it would be a better conservative read.  I watched Fox News and O’Reilly daily!  I was on Drudge morning and evening.  I read the “necessary” books the tv analists suggested.  I absorbed my time with the information that was out there.  I thought all of these facts and commentary where important to understanding where I was while the world zoomed by.

Eventually (and some years ago now), through a few well placed questions by an older man than I while building an extension on to my dad’s house, I came out of my stupor and by grace actually realized I was being bombarded and confused by the hype and the selected topics the media chose to show– sometimes playing up issues other times completely overlooking real issues.  Always the hype has a political spin.  Always the news has a party bias.  Always the real facts and the real story and the real study were watered down.  More importantly it was shown to me that the headlines can be instantly interpreted now.  All I have to do is see the smug face on Donald Trump’s face and I know he is not going to get my vote.  Why? because Scripture makes it oh so obvious while the 700 club tries to make Trump out to be THE Christian vote of 2012.  Instead spend your time in the Word of God and see the need for Fox News, Drudgereport.com, O’Reilly disappear.

I’m not kidding!  What a complete waste of time!  What a drain on your senses!  What a bunch of garbage!  What hype and nonsense!  Learn again how to read and read deep.  Pick up the Bible like you mean it.  Be intentional with your free time.  Be intentional with your source of information!  There is nothing new in the news.  It is always history repeating itself.  Nations rise and fall and there is no new sin under the sun.  There is nothing the Bible misses.

Consider a few men in history whether secular or not when you read their biographies they all were avid readers.  Coincidence?  All the great generals were leaders.  From Rommel, Napoleon, Alexander to Stonewall Jackson.  They all read.

Every great church figure was a scholar and avid reader.

How can you expect your children, the most important blessing to you apart from your very salvation, to read and become future leaders of culture and of their families if they see a father who simply watches football or tinkers in the garage in his spare time?

How can you lead if you do not read like you mean it in the spare moments you are given by God?

I challenge you, Christian men.  And I’ll be honest– there are men who will read this, who already put me to shame with the wise use of their time in the Word.

~ by Majestic on April 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “A Man Must Read to Lead”

  1. Your famlily are truly the ones who feel the brunt of whether or not you are in the Word. I am richly blessed to be married to such a man as Majestic who reads not just for himself, but for his family and little ones. I love you and your love for reading, sweet husband! 🙂

  2. What a huge blessing it is when one already has a love of reading. It is a gift. It is an even greater gift when one has a love of reading the Word. Huge. Sometimes love wanes or gets stale, and then discipline and commitment come into play to hold you over until the fire burns brightly again.

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