Critics argue the approval was the result of pressure placed on the FDA by Monsanto and its powerful lobbyists.

It is interesting how the citizen can examine the health difference, the taste, the composition, etc. of raw milk, organic milk and see the difference for themselves.  Yet the FDA in an effort to either cover its butt or look out for its corporate buddies requires that hormone free products require the following statement: “**No differences has been shown between milk derived from rbST-supplemented (or treated) cows and non-supplemented cows.”

Why is this interesting?  It is interesting because all of our government agencies that are “for the people” do the same thing.  For example, consider the CDC’s statement regarding thimerosal in vaccines in complete denial that injecting (mercury) is bad for people: “There is a large body of scientific evidence on the safety of thimerosal.”  And to add insult to injury they further claim that even though mercury poisoning and autism share the exact same symptoms there is no connection between thimerosal and your child’s autism: “Numerous studies have found no association between thimerosal exposure and autism.”  In the end it is about federal government agencies protecting themselves not the people.  This is what old Ben Franklin was talking about when he said, “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither,” which is exactly where we are!  Why are people so shocked that their federal government might have its interests over theirs?  It is exactly as Franklin said it.  By giving up your freedom, your liberty in the name of security this is what happens.  Mercury in vaccines.  Cancer causing hormones in your food.  All approved by the government!

Government will always lie and cover its tracks and here is one example: The CDC says that “Since 2001, no new vaccine licensed by FDA for use in children has contained thimerosal as a preservative and all vaccines routinely recommended by CDC for children younger than 6 years of age have been thimerosal-free.”  Yet, the flu vaccine, which according to the chart is recommended for infants beginning at 6 months and then given yearly is laced with mercury.  It doesn’t take much to dig in and see that they either do not know what they are talking about or they are lying.  In either case you the citizen have got to come to the conclusion that government is bad for you.  You have to wake up!  Take charge of your own life and stop giving it to the government.

What is sad and what the CDC knows to be the truth is that even though mercury is not as widespread in its usage (at least they say it is not– could be lying.  I mean why trust these guys after the years of incompetence and lies?) as it used to be autism as not declined.  In fact, it has grown steadily worse.  The autism rate in 2007 was 1 in 150.  There can be no measure for the rate now.  One child is too many if it is related to a vaccine!

What is to explain for the continued rise in autism?  Well, the habit of vaccinations has also risen.  Unfortunately, these vaccines all carry more of the same from previous years: toxic ingredients and neurotoxins such as aluminum, a heavy metal just like mercury in that respect.  Then the diet approved by the FDA is tainted with cancer causing ingredients like Monsanto’s synthetic growth hormones.  Sadly, companies like Monsanto,who have been protected by agencies like the FDA are taking over the organic and chemical free companies like Stonyfield, etc.

The only conclusion that I can come to in this world of lies is to take back your freedom.  In this information age start growing your own garden.  Buy local.  Buy fresh.  Be aware.  Do the research yourself and for goodness sake use some blasted common sense!!  Mercury in vaccines is unsafe.  Aluminum and formaldehyde are dangerous in vaccines.  Artificial sweeteners, MSG, synthetic growth hormones in food..  all of these are making you and your loved ones die at a young age.  Is this what you are doing to your children?  Is this what you are feeding your child?  Is this the best you can do because you are on a “budget” and yet you splurge on the weekends or feed that favorite hobby or new car of yours? I’m telling you you have your priorities mixed up!  It is sick the way you can enjoy that monthly payment on the car and feed your family processed food.  Wake up!  Wake up before you too become a statistic by and for our government.

Further reading:

http://www.greendivamom.com/2009/12/06/rbgh-rbst-and-you/ excerpt below:

Cows forced to produce unnaturally high quantities of milk can become malnourished because they lose more nutrients through their milk than they ingest in their feed (15), and are therefore more susceptible to disease. In addition to artificial hormones, factory farms also use such methods as selective breeding, feeding dairy cows large amounts of grain (instead of grass), and exposing cows to longer periods of artificial light to make them produce more milk. Cows put under large amounts of stress do not live as long as cows that are not stressed.

Milk from rBGH-treated cows contains higher levels of IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor-1). Humans also naturally have IGF-1, and increased levels in humans have been linked to colon and breast cancer. Even though no direct connection has been made between elevated IGF-1 levels in milk and elevated IGF-1 levels or cancer in humans, some scientists have expressed concern over the possibility of this relationship (16).

While the FDA was lax in its reviews of rBGH, Monsanto aggressively tried to suppress the health risks involved in the use of the hormone. In 2001, Jane Akre and Steve Wilson, two respected investigative journalists at a Fox News station in Tampa, Florida, were fired after months of controversy surrounding their investigative report on rBGH use in Florida dairies. According to the journalists, the station delayed airing their story and demanded they include inaccurate information about rBGH after Monsanto threatened the station with legal action (17).

http://bestmeal.info/food/rBST-rBGH-milk.shtml excerpt below:

A recent court ruling found that there **ARE** THREE (3) differences between ORGANIC and rbST/rBGH Monsanto pus milk:

  1. HORMONES in the milk can cause CANCER
  2. Up to 20% PUS content (white blood cells)

In October 2010, a U.S. court of appeal found based on studies presented that there IS a “compositional difference” between milk from rBSG-treated cows and untreated milk. The court found that studies have shown that rBST milk has: increased levels of the cancer-causing hormone IGF-1; lower nutritional quality when produced at certain points in the cow’s lactation cycle; and more pus in the milk (increased somatic cell counts), which “make the milk turn sour more quickly and is another indicator of poor milk quality.”

Further reading:



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