Abortion and Christianity

The age of secularism is upon America.  It permeates everything in our culture.  Godless materialism is everywhere.  A simple ride through any neighborhood at night demonstrates this well as the blue hue can be seen from each house.  We are plugged in as a society to the television.  It is what we do when we get off work.  It is what we do when we have free time.  It is what we do on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.  Americans watch the television like it is nobody’s business.  Christians watch television in exactly the same way.  We have our favorite sports teams we follow.  We have our favorite television series with all of the fairy tale romance.  We have our favorite hollywood films.  Christianity is as plugged in to the secular beat as society is, but Christianity thinks that it can listen to the music without being influenced by the lyrics.

Where is the influence of these destructive lyrics most evident?  The evidence is most manifested in the function and size of Christian families.  It is most manifested in the understanding of secular medicine and modern health care.  It can be seen in Christian politics.  Christianity is a political belief.  Christianity is comfortable ethics.  Christianity has ceased to make an impact as our American culture is standing witness to this fact.  Hollywood now leads culture here.  Why?

To touch on a hot topic lets look at abortion.  This should be the most important issue that Christians pursue second to the evangelism of their own children as Deuteronomy 6 puts it.  Interestingly enough, from a political perspective Christianity does little more for the issue of abortion than to vote for the prettiest candidate.  Take a look at recent history.  Bush SR?  Did nothing.  Bush JR?  More unborn babies died under George W. Bush than did Jews under Adolf Hitler.  Politically speaking Christianity has zero impact on the issue of abortion because it chooses to elect “realistic” candidates instead of trusting in the glory of God for the outcome.  Realistic candidates or the most “votable” or the lesser of two evils (which is still evil) has no place in walking out the life of Christ.  You are dead in the water with that kind of rhetoric and your enemy the roaring lion outside your camp is ready to pounce.

From a social perspective Christianity cannot even live out the mandate to be fruitful and multiply.  The very first command of God is this!: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”  We have instead traded away beautiful blessings from the LORD for more control over our lives, high stress/high salary careers, quiet time around the house, and secular myths hidden behind a pretty Sunday school face that we can only have as many children as we can effectively minister to (which is a lie based on selfishness– God will never burden us beyond what we are able).  How do we control pro-creation?  Rhythm, pulling out, condoms, IUDs, abortions, etc.  We are no different than secular society!  We abort the children God would give us for the same reasons that secular society actually commits the bloody act and we do it in exactly the same ways!  How is it that we Americhristians call abortion the most pressing issue in America today, politically, and yet abort countless thousands in our own homes in the name of family planning?  We put our selfish desires, needs, wants, and fears in front of pro-creation and the biblical calling of parenting.  We are so far anti-children as Christians that we cannot even call what we think of family as biblical.  Jesus said that if you even look at a woman with lust in your heart you have committed the very act of adultery.  If you have decided to place your career or “We’re not ready yet” in front of God’s ordinance from the beginning to be fruitful and multiply you are no less a murderer than the woman who has decided to abort the infant inside of her.  If there is no difference in the heart on the issue then what difference is there in the outcome?  Your “family” looks no different than the world’s.   How can you rationalize it away as “Oh, well I wouldn’t go as far as to abort my baby” when you have already done it in your heart and have hindered what God has called good.  Children are a blessing from the LORD not a burden!  Sterility is far from desirable from a biblical standpoint.

Consider the words of John Calvin on wasting your seed through even pulling out as Onan did in Genesis 38 from his commentary in Latin of Genesis:  “The voluntary spilling of semen outside of intercourse between man and woman is a monstrous thing. Deliberately to withdraw from coitus in order that semen may fall on the ground is doubly monstrous. For this is to extinguish the hope of the race and to kill before he is born the hoped-for offspring. This impiety is especially condemned, now by the Spirit through Moses’ mouth, that Onan, as it were, by a violent abortion, no less cruelly than filthily cast upon the ground the offspring of his brother, torn from the maternal womb. Besides, in this way he tried, as far as he was able, to wipe out a part of the human race. If any woman ejects a foetus from her womb by drugs, it is reckoned a crime incapable of expiation and deservedly Onan incurred upon himself the same kind of punishment, infecting the earth by his semen, in order that Tamar might not conceive a future human being as an inhabitant of the earth.

How can such strong Calvinistic people as Presbyterians for example ignore the words of John Calvin?  He doesn’t stand alone as Martin Luther has almost the exact words to say in his commentary of Genesis 38.  Beside this the very Word of God!  Onan was judged for what he did in Genesis 38 by pulling out.  He defied the very ordinance of God: Be fruitful and multiply Christian!  You will never impact the issue of abortion if you cannot even “be the change you want to see” as Gandhi said if I may quote him.  Ambassadors is what we are– live the life!  Walk the talk!  The average Christian family that has 2.1 children is diluted and will never have an impact on the world abroad especially on the issue of abortion NO MATTER HOW LOUD THEY YELL IT!!  Why? because the most basic of all mandates given by God is to be fruitful and multiply.  The issue of abortion and contraception is one and the same and defies God’s word.  Christianity practicing contraception is practicing abortion.  The lives that would be are not.  The mandate that God has given is not.  Start living!  Start walking the life of Christ!  Be ambassadors and set your lives apart from the secular example of rebellion given.  How can you be pro-life and yet murder your very own unborn children in your heart?

The final fault in the abortion argument lies in the wholehearted partaking of modern health care.  I can think of no sadder institution on this earth than modern medicine, which has turned its back completely on God.  Under this same institution abortions are committed daily.  This is the darkest blot on America’s record.  Modern medicine.  If even we look at the routine practice and ritualistic acceptance of vaccinations we can see that Christianity has no interest once again in letting abortion inconvenience itself.  There are several problems with vaccines.  The first is that other than it being a great theory vaccines do not immunize.  They in effect do not work.  Try as you might to protect yourself against polio or measles through vaccination all you will achieve is having vaccinated yourself and given yourself a headache, sterility, or cancer from all of the chemicals.  Vaccination is not the same thing as immunization and the science as well as the real world examples prove this.  I challenge you to find a study that is not tainted by corporate funds that actually proves beyond a doubt that vaccines provide immunity to diseases.  Prove it!  In fact, if we look at the mortality to disease it has declined thanks to sanitation before vaccines even existed in America!  Why do we get vaccinated in America?  Fear drives our motivation.  Not rational or analytical thought.

The second problem is the ingredients themselves in the vaccines.  We all know we would not eat aluminum, mercury or formaldehyde or monkey kidney cells, but we don’t have a problem injecting them into our body?  Very strange.  What does this have to do with abortion?  Everything!  The ingredients themselves are tainted with the blood of murdered babies.  The ingredient I’m talking about is far worse than a neurotoxin or toxic to your health.  It is partaking in one of the world’s oldest and most gruesome sins.  The murder of infants and the unborn.  The ingredient is “aborted fetal cells” that can be found in the vaccines themselves!  If this is not endorsement enough most Christians would rather get the vaccine out of fear of a boogieman disease than protest this outrageous practice.  The science is bad enough, but it is an absolute crime to include the murdered flesh of the unborn and infantsHow can you call yourself pro-life if you vaccinate?

Furthermore, the practice of simply accepting the foods given to us at the supermarket without even studying the dizzying list of ingredients gets us in trouble here tooAbortion strikes again as food manufacturing uses aborted cells in the testing of their artificial flavors.  This problem for Christians would be easily solved by growing food themselves, grinding their own wheat, and actually doing the research themselves.  What we have instead is yet another example of Christianity not letting abortion plague the convenience of being of the world.

The conclusion is that abortion is not really the critical issue Christians make it out to be.  If they really believed abortion to be the number one political issue, the number one social issue, the number one moral issue in America today then there would be some difference in the way that Christianity is played out in their lives.  Instead there is no difference between the outward Christian and the evolved atheist on the issue of abortion.  What separates you, Christian?  What makes you think you can have an impact on abortion if you partake in all the secular institutions in even your own marriage bed?

~ by Majestic on April 16, 2011.

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  1. This surely makes great sense to me!!

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