Letter to the Editor [Author: Fr. Thomas Collins]

Dear Editor:

There is a tragic irony being manifested in the efforts of our nation’s leaders to deal with the problems of the current recession.  The operative consensus of all three branches of the federal government has become frighteningly reminiscent of the perverse wisdom, which guided the Nazi’s to promote prosperity by depriving certain “unwanted” groups of people of their lives and property.  The real difference is that, whereas the Nazi’s blatantly targeted such groups as Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, gypsies and homosexuals, our government has chosen to subtly target our posterity for either death or debt slavery.

The Nazi SS guards at Auschwitz carefully selected new arrivals at the concentration camp either for death (in gas chambers or in the medical research being done by such people as Dr. Josef Mengele) or for the harsh ordeal of slave labor.  Sad to say, our three branches of government have come to emulate this practice in a rather insidious way.  Over the past several decades, they have incrementally set up a system whereby future generations of Americans are consigned either 1) to death by abortion or by embryonic stem cell research, or 2) to oppressive debt slavery to pay off our ever-increasing national debt, as well as various unfunded mandates of mind-boggling proportions.

It seems that the Supreme Court initiated the conditions that promoted the adoption of this Auschwitz option, when it asserted that a child in the womb was not a legal person, and thus not entitled to the protection of the law.  This had the de facto effect of declaring all pre-born children to be outlaws; i.e., devoid of any rights to protection by the laws.  And since they had no intrinsic right to live, our government was left free to consign those we do condescendingly allow to be born to a lifetime of debt slavery.  Thus we have witnessed all three branches of the federal government incrementally adopting an operative consensus that we need to develop a more Kafkaesque perspective of our Constitution.  For example, whereas the Preamble of the Constitution asserts the intention to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”, those sworn to uphold the Constitution are pursuing social and budgetary policies that promote an Orwellian “Newspeak”, by which our posterity are required to accept as fact such absurdities as “abortion is liberation” and “debt slavery is freedom”.  Likewise, many of those who have solemnly sworn to uphold the Constitution have put a new “spin” on the Thirteenth Amendment’s prohibition against slavery and involuntary servitude.  In asserting that the Consitution as a living document, they believe that it is now legally permissible to bankrupt the birthright of future generations of Americans, and then subject them to debt slavery – all for the sake of securing the blessings of liberty for themselves and their political cronies.  After all, if our legal system has come to accept the premise that no child has any right to be born, how can we say that a child has any birthright at all?

It is indeed tragically ironic to witness how so many have been seduced into embracing this Auschwitz option as the final solution for our posterity – all for the sake of promoting a perverse and cowardly fickleness, which we prefer to call “freedom”.  But euphemisms, no matter how clever, cannot turn vice into virtue.  Stare decisis of the courts not withstanding, the fact is that any “freedom” founded on the denigration, enslavement or killing of innocent human beings cannot be true liberty.

I pray that all our leaders, as well as their constituents, may become more receptive to the courage and strength needed to reject all forms of this Auschwitz option, so that respect for all human life and the dignity of each person, rather than political expediency, will guide all their future decisions as to how to secure the rights of our posterity, as well as the present generation of Americans.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Thomas Collins

~ by Majestic on April 20, 2011.

One Response to “Letter to the Editor [Author: Fr. Thomas Collins]”

  1. A great post. Unfortunately, given the state of the public school system, where everything is “dumbed down”, and the Catholic school system, where too few families can afford to educate their children, most people who should read this will not understand what Father Collins is talking about.

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