FDA approves drugs without effectiveness data

Article from Natural News: http://www.NaturalNews.com/032279_Big_Pharma_fraud.html

It is interesting when big corporations get involved and seek to market their “life saving” drugs.  Americans would be better off if they knew the whole truth and nothing but the truth regarding the food they eat and the long term impact of consuming processed goods like these on their health.  We need to steer clear of pharmacy and the medical community unless their is good reason!  It makes absolutely no sense to do a “preventative” check up for these money grubbers to dig in and try and find something wrong with you.  If you can’t figure out your body and have no clue how you are doing you will fall right into their hands.  It is time to wake up people!  Do the research yourself!  Take ownership of your health!  It is your job given by God!  Don’t shirk such great responsibilities and fall for fear like these guys want you to.  Seriously..

~ by Majestic on May 10, 2011.

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