Rand Paul’s Fight to End Patriot Act Gaining Votes

Rand Paul’s Fight to End Patriot Act Gaining Votes.

Your phone calls have helped. When Senator Paul started his fight Monday to stop the PATRIOT ACT,” everybody thought it would breeze through the Senate because the Senators Reid and McConnell struck a deal. Now, we are looking the “PATRIOT ACT” actually expiring for a day.

Three votes have occured this week and with each one, more Senators have voted against renewal.

The first, which happened late Monday afternoon, eight Senators voted against cloture to proceed to the bill (S.1038).

Then a day later, once Harry Reid decided he did not want to honor an agreement he made with Senator Paul, offered a motion to table the bill. By tabling the bill, Senator Reid could use a bill already passed by the House, amend it to replace House-passed languange with the “PATRIOT ACT” renewal. Reid can then decline votes on any amendments, especially amendments Senator Paul was pushing. This time thirteen Senators voted to not table the bill.

After the bill was tabled, Senator Reid immediately filed cloture on S.990, which was a small business bill passed by the Senate, then amended and passed by the House. That voted was held this morning, with eighteen Senators voting against cloture.

Cloture has been deemed to have been invoked at 1:00am, which is when the 30 hours it taked for a cloture motion to ripen expired. The final vote on S.990 will occur sometime after 7:00am, then immediately sent to the House for a vote, and then likely flown to Europe for President Obama’s signature, who is there for a state visit and then G8 Meetings.

Please continue calling your Senator and encourage them to vote against renewal of the “PATRIOT ACT.” The Senate switchboard is (202) 224-3121.”


~ by Majestic on May 27, 2011.

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