Vote 2012 – Ron Paul?

Here we go again.  Here comes 2012.  Herman Cain!  He comes from no where– no one has heard of him before.  He has no voting record.  He says all the right things.  He will get the Christian vote.  He will get the black vote.  He will get the _____ vote.  He will get the <popular topic of the moment> vote.  Does this sound vaguely familiar to 2008 where a young senator came from nowhere to steal America with a catchy phrase, “Yes we can.”  Nice.  Yes history does repeat itself.  Only this time the Christians will be fooled by it because its a “Republican” with no voting record.

Sadly, the candidate best suited for the White House given the current crisis of uneducated and busy voters, Ron Paul, will receive a media blackout.  They won’t even cover what he has to say at Fox News or CNN except when no one is watching or at the very most down play his achievements.  The only man with a 10 year solid voting record being pro-American, pro-Defense, pro-home school, pro-balanced budget.  He has a spotless constitutional record and will that matter this coming 2012 voting season?  The only thing that will matter once again is “elect-ability” not the core values of the candidate.  And again the Christian voter will be twisted by the worldly media and fall for it…  kind of makes you sick over time.

Behind the scenes though, another big win for the “unelectable” Ron Paul..

“So what will the national media and the political establishment do after today’s crushing victory for Ron Paul at the Values Voters Summit Straw Poll inWashington, D.C. that was just announced a short time ago?

The truth is, Ron Paul finished with with 37% vote, more than 14% more than his closest rival, Herman Cain. And if the media decides to cover it, this critical win should give our campaign a tremendous shot of momentum.”

~ by Majestic on October 9, 2011.

One Response to “Vote 2012 – Ron Paul?”

  1. stunned that the media dismissed the result as “the event was packed with Ron Paul supporters” — isn’t that why they hold such an event, to see who will show up?

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