The CDC and Molestation Charges

On October 11th an “official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of bestiality, police said.”  Why does this matter other than ensuring that justice is met out on the individual?  Well for starters, what is the CDC and how does it impact the lives of children?  As Dr. Mercola aptly puts it, “I believe it’s relevant to be aware that someone in charge of your child’s health is allegedly engaged in child abuse. Her actions raise serious questions in my mind about her level of concern for the health and well-being of children in general.”

I’m continually confused by the masses of individuals, who allow the CDC or other corrupt organizations to dictate what is healthy and “safe” for their children.  The CDC for example, has a history of corruption with all of its top executives being former pharmaceutical employees.  Talk about conflict of interest.  What boggles my mind further is the coctail of chemicals that the CDC says is safe, consisting of mercury, aluminum, live viruses, formaldehyde, anti-freeze, anti-biotics, gets directly injected on the otherside of the immune system’s front line, the skin!  But its “safe”.

The CDC is no better for your children than its corrupt individuals are, who dictate unhealthy chemicals and behaviors from behind desks of pharma bribery.  The vaccines they prescribe do nothing more than molest an otherwise healthy immune system.

No where in history has any vaccine ever been successful in fighting disease.  The greatest success against disease has always come in the form of sanitation.  I will argue anyone down to the ground that this is the case.  If you are a Christian lets go back to Leviticus.  What does God say about moldy homes? Washing after sex? Avoiding certain types of meats?  If you are a historian look at the record!  Vaccines were always introduced after sanitation had already made an impact.  Clean water, sewer systems, elevated floors, rodent control, balanced diet–  guess what? Diseases disappear under these circumstances.  Vaccines have nothing to do with it!  They are nothing more than a corporate scam to get you to come back for more and do nothing but line the pockets of Mercedes driving Doctors and thrill seaking nurses.

The Vaccination scam is driven purely by fear.  There are no rational arguments for them.  This Doctor Lindsey, who has been accussed of molesting a child twice is not interested in how healthy your child is.  She is concerned for her career.  Keep the dollars rolling by jabbing children.  That is the  bottom line.  Why do you vaccinate your children?  I will show you it is only because you are afraid.  Fear is an excellent motivator to get the crowd moving.  Like sheep being led to slaughter is this nation as it marches to the pediatricians office on a vaccine schedule.

Consider also a friend of mine currently training to be a history major.  Her professor is handing out extra credit to her students who get the flu vaccine.  It is all a scam and it is purely driven by hollywood type fear.  Consider the movies– Outbreak in 1995, or the more recent 2011 flick, Contagion.  Nothing like any of this has ever occured or ever will occur!  Yet, the masses will go to these films and leave germiphobes– playing into the hands of pharmacuetical companies and keeping the current system in power.

I don’ t understand how Christians of all people can fall for this?  They partake of the world like its just a matter of fact.  The system is not even biblical!  It contradicts godly living on so many fronts.  Many of the vaccines are grown from aborted babies.  Oh yeah, the CDC just loves children.  They molest them, they support the abortion of them, and they love the fact that you keep coming back for more.

Christians cannot live in fear.  Christians cannot support abortion.  Christian are you reading the ingredients in the food you consume?  Christians wake up!  Drive the nation you live in and stop following blindly the whore called the world..  It’s no wonder Christianity has no impact.  It has lost its saltiness.  It does what the rest of the world does.  Watches the same television shows, football games, eats the same corporate garbage food, gets the same heavy metal vaccines, votes for the “greater good.”

Where there is a salty Christian and I will show you change through his lifestyle.

~ by Majestic on October 28, 2011.

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