Thoughts on “America’s missing middle” for Vote 2012

In the article titled, “America’s missing middle” by The Economist, 5 November 2011, the question as to why we do not have a middle party despite all of the partisan nonsense that goes on is addressed as such, “In other countries such a huge gap in the middle would see the creation of a third party to represent the alienated majority.  Imagine a presidential candidate next year who spelled out the need for deep future cuts in spending on entitlements and defence, as well as the need to raise some revenue (largely by getting rid of deductions); who explained that the pain would be applied only after the recovery was solidly in place; who avoided class or culture wars; who discussed school reform without fear of the Democrats’ paymasters in the teachers’ unions.”

My thoughts immediatly turn to Ron Paul.  This guy has been a ten term congressman.  He has a spotless voting record.  He tells you exactly what he’s thinking regarding a legal (Constitutional) approach.  Ron Paul tells you exactly how to get out of debt: cut spending, cut useless departments, bring home the troops.  He is the candidate that has the common sense answers that pull the rug right out from under the lobbyists, the special interest groups, the bureaucrats, etc.  He is pro individual liberty, pro-business, pro-American.  What more do we need than a man who will act on principle?

All arguments against Dr. Paul are empty and absurd.  Consider the following (feel free to comment in your argument against him): He is unelectable.  According to the special interest groups who don’t want him in office!  According to powerful bureaucrats and the players in Washington manipulating the news behind the scenes!

When will Americans wake up and stop making excuses as to why they cannot vote on principle?  Every year it is the same old story..  “I’m going to vote for this hot airbag because he is the lesser of two evils.”  “I’m going to vote for this candidate that I don’t whole heartedly agree with because I want my party to win.”  “I’m going to vote on this guy because I like the way he makes me feel.”

All nonsense.  Nothing will change in the course America is takign down hill if we do not wake up to the Consitutional message men like Ron Paul are bringing.  In 2012 will we see the creation of a third party that actually represents the people?  It starts with the way you think.  Then with the way you vote.  Stop being influenced by corporate media, peer pressure, party pressure, etc.  Vote on principle!  Vote in your representative!  Not another phony.

~ by Majestic on November 10, 2011.

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