Government Control or Out of Control?

If you haven’t heard of the ATF scandal called “Fast and Furious” its not too late to dig in to the investigation.  Basically, the ATF has been moving guns to the otherside of the Mexican border.  Then armed mexican drug runners use those guns on American citizens, on other Mexican drug runners, innocent people, etc.  The end result is more chaos on the border.

This fits in well with our current political system as it now gives hot air, good for nothing candidates, who are otherwise empty calories something to say, “hey, vote for me and I’ll get the border fixed.”

Just one thought.  Either way you have an out of control government clamping down on American citizens.  Controlling and out of control.

Read one of many articles on the ATF scandal at bloomberg at at

~ by Majestic on November 25, 2011.

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