Christian Vote

How is it possible for a Christian to vote for a candidate like McCain and justify it against a candidate like Obama?  I will use McCain as the Republican mainstream candidate and Obama as the ante-thesis to him to make the point that it is inconsistent to vote for either as a Christian voter.

Christians everywhere agree that the converse is most definitely true- that a vote for Obama is wrong mostly because of the abortion issue.  “A Christian cannot vote for Obama!” or “I thought they were a Christian until I heard they voted for Obama.”  This is what the majority of church goers believe.  Yet there is no thought given to voting for McCain.  Why is that?

Today in America we as citizens have the unique and often times emotional experience called “the election.” No matter the candidates, all must agree that if you do not vote for one of them you have no right to complain. No right! That aside, lets talk about voting for one of the candidates. What exactly is going on here each four years?  Why is it necessary to vote?

To start lets explore some of the questions we ask ourselves when we are choosing one of the handful of candidates. We ask how will the candidate affect a given issue we believe strongly about, ie., abortion, economy, environment, foreign policy, etc.; does the candidate have the qualifications; is he going to represent me well.. These are some of the questions we must ask, right? Does the candidate have sex appeal is not a legitimate question to ask. With this said, how can a representative who is not a believer represent a believer? Good question! How can a Christian entrust this responsibility of representation to a non-believer? The answer is of course, a resounding not possible! Why not? Because a non-believer has different goals- specifically a believer’s goal is to glorify God in the means and the end, McCain’s goal is not, for example. Did you hear that? The means matter.

Furthermore, McCain and Palin have endorsed illegal wars. This is a point most republicans poopoo in the name of democracy or fighting terrorism. But what is an illegal war? Well murder of course- right up there with Obama’s abortion campaign. By its very definition it is so. It must be. No getting around that one. Why are these wars illegal? Because congress has not given the authority. So McCain and Palin are not using a just, a legal, a good means to the end they see as ‘good.’ This is only one example.  Others include the argument for security.  Republican Christians are so ready to give up their liberty for security.  Here is what Franklin said about this situation: Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

These are just a few reasons not to vote for McCain if you are a believer. Additionally, Palin is taking a man’s job according to scripture. The only time God brings women over men in Israel was to shame them!  Think about it. Shouldn’t you instead stop falling for the lame argument that, “if I don’t vote for the lesser evil Obama will win..” That is not trusting and entrusting your vote to God who is counting and ultimately decides the election.  If you are so willing to give leadership to a woman what does that say about your role in the home?

Now, you can agree or disagree with me if you want to, that is your right here in America, but if you don’t hear anything else- HEAR THIS: IT IS LOGICALLY INCONSISTENT TO QUESTION A CHRISTIAN WHO SUPPORTS OBAMA AND NOT QUESTION YOUR OWN SUPPORT OF MCCAIN. Neither candidate has made a profession of faith and both support bad means, unjust means, wrong means, — to so called just ends.  For some reason we as Christians keep thinking that voting for a Republican no matter what is the best thing to do.  Nothing can be further from the truth! That is a wasted vote and I say that before God it is wasting your talents.  Our election system is based on representatives.  If you cannot vote for a representative then you must put your name or someone who you trust on there.  That is how it works.  The greater good argument is a made up secular argument that has infiltrated the church like never before.  Do you think Jesus would use that argument?  Was His death on the cross for the greater good?  NO!  His death was for GOOD!  It was clearly defined and purposeful and right from the beginning.  This is how we are to live our livesThe greater good takes the bad with the good and there can be no mixing the two.  As the Newsboys song “Believe” goes:

and in this world turning gray
strikes a chord when i say
there is black
there is white
there is wrong
and there is right

there is no alibi
if it’s not the truth it’s…..??

I strongly suggest believers consider other options in the spectrum of candidates that will better represent them as believers, specifically Chuck Baldwin- an evangelical Christian.

I’m not telling you who to vote for, but don’t ever get angry with a fellow believer who is voting for Obama while you vote for McCain just because he is a Republican.

Consider the “greater good” argument.  This sad compromise of a stand has proliferated murderously into otherwise great arguments.  Stand guard against it Christian!  Take the most recent case of Scott Brown’s election as senator in Massachusetts.  The Republican mainstream are beside themselves because this will thwart Obama!

“Thank God Scott Brown got voted in!”

That is what one of the callers on the Lou Dobbs show said the other night as I listened on my ride home to AM 550.

Ok, for the record God is not a Republican and just because another republican gets voted in is no cause for thanking God. And here is why:

-Scott Brown supports abortion. He even said so at the senate debate on the 12th of this month. “Brown pointed out that he and Coakley both support legalized abortion.” Source

-Scott Brown supports gun control. He would “require background checks on gun sales between private citizens at gun shows and require a license for gun possession.”

-Scott Brown supports the continued bankruptcy of this country through foreign entanglements and the use of force to police the world. He also supports “enhanced interrogation techniques,” a politically correct name for TORTURE.

I’m sorry, but does any of this sound Christian? A vote for Scott Brown was a political manuever to give power back to the neo-conservative, war mongering, anti-Christian, white shoe boys.

We need STATESMEN! Not another ante-Christian politician!! Think through the issues people before you aplaud the fact that Scott Brown got elected. We are living through one of the most partisan political eras I can think of and we are cheering on politicians like we are rooting for the cowboys versus the redskins when in essence they are the same party with only a handful of social or economic issues! Both parties as Obama is proving support the massive increase in government and the continued proliferation of foreign policing actions. Our government can’t even wage a legal or just war!

Vote to uphold the constitution. Don’t fall for that mumbo jumbo crap “vote for the greater good.” Its good or bad no in between.

Scott Brown was a BAD vote. It does not result in the greater good. More babies slaughtered “legally” and more gun owners falling under federal surveillance and more people murdered in illegal wars is not for the greater good. You have got to be completely misguided to think otherwise!

SCOTT BROWN IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE. He’s a “Republican.” And if that is what you care about that is what you will get.. another Republican that will take away your personal liberties and bankrupt this country both morally and economically.

Try this one: have you ever heard of poop in the brownies?  Well there is this great recipe for the most delicious brownies you’ve ever had.  I’m making them for you right now.  Go ahead and pour that glass of milk.  Ok, so there is one catch though.. there is a minuscule amount of dog poop in these brownies.  You probably won’t even taste it!  Are you still going to eat the brownies?  Its for the greater good you know..

I couldn’t resist telling that one. 😀  But honestly Scott Brown is just more poop in the brownies.

Consider a Christian Constitutional Preservationist, Ron Paul:

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