Family Planning

How is it that we Americhristians call abortion the most pressing issue in America today, politically, and yet abort countless thousands in our own homes in the name of family planning?  Infact, we put our own selfish desires, needs, wants, and fears in front of pro-creation.  We are so far anti-children as Christians that we cannot even call what we think of family as biblical.  Jesus said that if you even look at a woman with lust in your heart you have committed the very act of adultery.  If you have decided to place your career or “We’re not ready yet” in front of God’s ordinance from the beginning to be fruitful and multiply you are no less a murderer than the woman who has decided to abort the infant inside of her.  If there is no difference in the heart on the issue then what difference is there in the outcome?  Your “family” looks no different than the world’s.   How can you rationalize it away as “Oh, well I wouldn’t go as far as to abort my baby” when you have already done it in your heart and have hindered what God has called good.  Children are a blessing from the LORD not a burden!  Sterility is far from desirable from a biblical standpoint and yet how have we as Americhristians allowed the issue of family planning to infiltrate our lifestyle?

Consider the words of John Calvin from his commentary on Genesis:

“The voluntary spilling of semen outside of intercourse between man and woman is a monstrous thing. Deliberately to withdraw from coitus in order that semen may fall on the ground is doubly monstrous. For this is to extinguish the hope of the race and to kill before he is born the hoped-for offspring. This impiety is especially condemned, now by the Spirit through Moses’ mouth, that Onan, as it were, by a violent abortion, no less cruelly than filthily cast upon the ground the offspring of his brother, torn from the maternal womb. Besides, in this way he tried, as far as he was able, to wipe out a part of the human race. If any woman ejects a foetus from her womb by drugs, it is reckoned a crime incapable of expiation and deservedly Onan incurred upon himself the same kind of punishment, infecting the earth by his semen, in order that Tamar might not conceive a future human being as an inhabitant of the earth.”

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