Home Schooling

“The personal liberties that concern me extend beyond the individuals and include families and households as well. For one thing, I have always supported homeschooling families, who run the ideological gamut from Vermont environmentalists to Southern evangelicals. As I have said, the government does not own you— and neither does it own your children. It is bad enough that some parents find themselves forced to pay for an education they not only will not use for their children, but whose content they deeply oppose from a philosophical or religious point of view. (I’ve sometimes wondered why those who would never dream of forcibly taking people’s money to pay to support a religious belief they do not share have no hesitation at all in taking their money to support an education philosophy they do not share.) It is even worse that in some cases they have to maneuver a legal minefield in order to provide their children with the kind of education they want” (Ron Paul, The Revolution, pp. 132-133).  See my link of Revolutionary Books.

Most of my friends I am confident to say watch Fox News, are Republican, think the war in Iraq is just, follow a football team, agree with the death penalty, etc. The A-typical American Christian seems to be all about political beliefs. Odd? I thought Christianity was about following Christ..? This is part of the problem as I will show because following a party system instead of Christ makes Christians more inclined to accept institutions this country has come up with, but moving back to the point all would agree that the public school is secular. Furthermore, probably most would argue that the theory of evolution as it is presented as a fact in classrooms is ethically wrong and that creation should be taught beside evolution. Part of this issue as it is taken up by Christians today is the belief that we are a Christian nation and this mindset probably also resulted in gasps of shock and such phrases as, “THE NERVE!” when Obama stated that we are not a Christian nation. Read the full article here. On that note I think some Republicans might even agree to forcing Christian beliefs and law on the nation for the good of everyone just so we could still be called a Christian nation! But is that right? is that Christian? You can’t force beliefs on anyone. Another note on that one could be written.. but more to the point- what about the public school system?

There is nothing Christian about it and yet we send our children to it without thinking about it just because that is what we do here in this “Christian” nation. My friends, that is what the secular nation does! Not a Christian nation. Somehow we Republicans have gotten it all twisted. Last time I checked the public school system was anti-God- atheist! The state is even against homeschooling if you want to know how far secularism wants to destroy Christian family beliefs. Check out the numerous articles written about it across the nation: Read the full article here; and here; and finally, here. They don’t want anyone escaping the atheistic teaching of the public school system and hate the thought of you the Christian parent teaching something other than evolutionary anti-God beliefs. You don’t believe me? Try to share your testimony and belief in Jesus Christ at a public gathering or school function in front of an audience. The secular nation we live in is absolutely not a Christian nation. America is NOT a Christian nation, but a very secular progressive one. Proof in this is that Hollywood determines culture. Christianity has no part in influencing. No part. When you send your children to public school, because you have no time to pour into them or some other lame excuse, you are allowing the secular state to pour into them instead. Please tell me how that is biblical? How is that Christian?

Now let us go back to Genesis. If you believe the creation story WHY don’t you teach your children instead of telling them about it and then sending them off to the secular institution, which you really don’t trust because it is secular yet trust them with your kids all day?? I’m confused by that. You might be thinking, “well you can’t shelter your kids all their lives.” Or, “they need to get out into the real world.” My response to this is what makes you think homeschooling is sheltering or not a part of the “real” world? We must start thinking of it as training and every bit a part of the real Christian family. Let me tell you how bad secular society has infiltrated our families. We think that by 13 and 14 our kids need cell phones, need to be making adult decisions, etc. Last time I checked Scripture it says nothing about children leaving the house until after marriage– but wait a minute! that isn’t acceptable by societal standards is it? It doesn’t exactly meet your nice schedule does it? So I ask, where is your source of wisdom coming from? Who is raising your children? And why in the world don’t you question the secular institution called public school except to get ticked when the SECULAR system takes any remaining vestiges of Christian culture out of the classroom? Will your family be modeled after the world or a biblical standard? Even if that means going against secular norms? Will you swim upstream on this one? You know it is the right thing to do– what is stopping you?

I will challenge anyone on the contention that homeschooling is not the best way to raise your children. If you think you’ve got a better way let us hear it because sending your kids to public school is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in their upbringing.

Since the government can’t carry on a rational dialogue about the topic it instead uses force. Just shows who the government considers a criminal.. home schoolers are just as bad as drug runners or tax evaders. ARREST THEM!!! This is outrageous. Since when is it the governments job to raise our children? This isn’t even right and yes of course they were getting educated– the nerve of that idiot superintendent. He probably believes that home schoolers aren’t as smart as public zombies. Check out the full article. Since the public school system is full of drugs and sex it is also the safest option to send your child to. That way your child gets exposed to it at a younger age when they are most impressionable. ISN”T THAT GREAT?!

Common Myths that have Infiltrated Christian Culture:

1.) The role of the husband is to make money. The wife is supposed to raise the kids.
FALSE: Genesis says she is a helper to you, husbands- A helpmate to you, brothers. Those kids are YOUR kids. In the final analysis of your days you will give an account- not your wife. Family is your responsibility and she is a helper to you.

2.) Public School is the Best for your kid.
FALSE: I am only going to point you to scripture here. I think that if you were to do a biblical outline it would probably look like children working with their mother or father all day though and learning directly from those interactions. I’m not sure where sending your kids off has any place in the examples given in Scripture. Here are some references that put responsibility for raising children squarely on the family and not on a worldly institution. Psalm 78:5, Proverbs 22:6, Proverbs 22:15. Check this link on homeschooling!

Now lets talk about how the church has become passive in its role and how that plays into this topic of home schooling.

Passivism is the quality or principle of being passive. It is when a person or entity becomes passive in its God given role and responsibilities. It is when groups of individuals give up their responsibilities in the name of laziness, busyness, idle distraction. It is when governing groups become reactionary instead of innovative.

Now that I’ve defined what I mean by passivism let me explain what I believe to be an accurate assessment of the public school system as I have seen it from a teacher’s perspective. After that I will delve into who is attributed with passivism and then conclude in a third part about roles and responsibilities.

The public school system I believe is the government’s attempt at competing with the hearts and minds of children in the same way that the church should be. I say should be because it is not always clear that the church is pursuing the hearts and minds of children with such scandalous news items as pedophiles in the catholic church popping up. By the way, I am going to shorten said government’s attempt to PSC (public school system). So, the PCS really is set up to be a religious experience. Let us look at religion as it is on the world today and you will see what I mean.

It seems that there is a set time to meet either on Sunday morning and/or Wednesday evening. The meeting must take place and end on time. People file in and listen to one speaker. There are various interactive times such as singing or standing up and greeting each other- and by the way you must first wait for permission to do this. The first part of the religious meeting is designed to grab the individuals attention and then designed to keep the person awake enough for the sermon. At the end of the meeting individuals with questions can come up and ask the pastor questions because there wasn’t time earlier and most people are probably anxious to keep to their schedule. The pastor is expected to teach based on a predetermined schedule. There is segregation based on grade level or age. This is designed to encourage family decentralization and individual learning- it doesn’t matter that the bible is a strong proponent of strong, tight families.

Now let us compare that with the PCS. First of all the PCS breaks students up by grade and encourages little family involvement except when it saves the school money at events. The system is set to run on schedule and end on time. Students file in to listen to the teacher speak. Then there are various interactive experiences so that they may solidify what the teacher just spoke about. They must ask for permission to speak up or go to the bathroom. The very first thing a teacher is supposed to do is grab the student body’s attention with something topic related. The remainder of the activities are designed to keep the students’ attention on the topic. At the end questions and answers occur if not before. Announcements are also made. The teacher is expected to teach on a predetermined schedule and meet SOL deadlines.

Does any of this sound similar? Is it not frightening enough that they look alike and yet can we find any of this structure in Scripture? That perhaps is the scariest question. Is the church leading or following a secular format? Perhaps I am getting ahead of the argument a bit so I will refrain from these questions until later especially when it comes to the breakup of family.

Perhaps the most important thing to notice is the structure. They are very similar. But what about content? What is the difference? Well, the first is God, obviously. The PCS will not teach that there is a God. That apparently is something fanatics believe. Instead we must be taught calm, cool, collected things as atheism promotes. That is at least how it is presented. But that is a joke. Perhaps the best argument I’ve heard against calm, cool, collected atheism was presented by the late Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones when he said in a sermon that this so called calm, cool perspective is anything but calm and cool and collected because of the very fact of stifling Christianity and creationist perspectives. If belief in God is foolishness as secularism promotes in the school system why are they so worried that they must shut it out and shut it up?

So instead the PCS creates these artificial doctrines and nonsensical scientific language as even the medical system utilizes and these funny papers we call degrees. All of this in an effort to promote the wisdom of secular man. It is a hierarchal system that we must all take part in if we are to be successful, which by the way is a relative term according to the very society that says we must all be successes.. What is a success? The secular world really has no idea, but says go out and be one anyway. Perhaps it is money, happiness, etc.. nobody really cares except that you make money enough to be happy? That seems to be it. That seems to be the end of education. The end result isn’t it? It isn’t about learning anymore, but about money. Everybody knows it, but no one will say it except such individuals as Neil Postman in his remarkable books.

Now, back to the point of winning the hearts and minds of children. The PCS will stop at nothing to make sure that individuals within the classroom are taught from a non-biased perspective. Sadly, curriculum is designed by the government, paid by the state, held accountable by state tests like the SOL, SATS, etc. How can the information be un-biased if the very institution is tainted by secularism? The very point of being un-biased is polluted by the fact that secularism is anti-Christian. Atheism is not unbiased at all.. Infact it is very biased against Christianity. It says that there is no God. Christianity says that there is a God. Atheists say you can’t prove God exists- Christians say prove it. The fact that there is an argument against Christianity on the basis of scientific terms proves a bias in mainstream education. The argument that if science can’t prove it we shouldn’t believe it is rife throughout the PCS. But let me ask you this, can you prove that you were at the (insert place) park yesterday? How can you do that? Are you going to use science? I don’t think so. You will instead call on witnesses. Then I say we have a case for Christianity! You cannot argue with such facts as countless people witness to Jesus’ miracles and resurrection. People can argue with a stand, or political view, but not with facts such as these. And the fact is this person called Jesus Christ. You can’t argue it away. One of this generations greatest apologetics is a man by the name of Josh McDowell. He said we are faced with three arguments for Jesus Christ. He is either a liar, a lunatic, or He is LORD. Christ is certainly more than a carpenter or great philosopher.

Anyway, the purpose of the PCS is to win the hearts and minds of children away from Christianity hidden behind a veil that reads “unbiased education.” This is proven in the very “unbiased” doctrines it teaches. They are not unbiased– merely unchristian. If that is how they define unbiased then they must be unbiased. But in truth they are redefining the word which really means this according to the Webster‘s 1828, “Free from any undue partiality or prejudice; impartial; as an unbiased mind; unbiased opinion or decision.” Do you see “unchristian” in that definition or in any dictionary you pick up? No. You will not find it. In reality then we have a corrupt system. For if the system claims to be unbiased and in truth is biased it must be a liar, ergo, corrupt. They know very well that it is unchristian education they are feeding the hearts and minds of children. Such education is promoting anti-biblical doctrines as irresponsibility, wisdom of youth, emotionalism, etc. The PCS will find itself at odds 100% with Scripture in its ideals. In its format it will do anything and everything to shut out the truth of Christianity and instead brand it as a set of ideals and rules that are not fun in favor of do what feels right.

Are you getting a feel for the public school system? I hope so because there are individuals in even the church (and I’m talking about the mainstream church) that say we need to send our kids there. The reasoning behind it is that we cannot shield our kids from the world forever. We cannot shelter them it is said, but isn’t that also the world’s influence in seeking to infiltrate Christian families? I say train your children as long as you can! Be the positive influence in their lives and take up that God given responsibility and don’t squander it and let the PCS raise your children because that is all you have time for and “you can’t shelter your children all their lives.” You only have your children once and then it is over. You have them for maybe 15 years and that is it. Invest in them with greater effort then you are putting in your stocks or retirement plan. There are too many heartaches to be had by letting your children go into the world before they are trained and ready. Be family. Not individuals. Be the dad that is there for your daughter when she needs a shoulder to cry on. Be the dad that meets her needs so she doesn’t go elsewhere. Encourage her to live for Christ. Encourage her by your example. Be there for her. Raise her. Don’t let the public school system do it for you. She is not ready yet. She has not bloomed, but would be forced to open up before Spring time. Be very careful with your priorities. Is it for your convenience that you send her off to school? Because it is easier..?

Let me elaborate “a Congress that allows God to be banned from our schools while our schools can teach about cults, Hitler and even devil worship is wrong, out of touch, and needs some common sense.” Rep. James Traficant, (D-OH) 1999-APR-27

One must wonder why the government insists on removing God from the picture completely knowing our Christian roots. Atheists, individuals who reject the idea of God, but deep down inside really know there is a God (Romans 1:18-32), say that “not all students feel comfortable with this bogus “student led” religious ritual,” that is student led prayer groups or prayer during graduation, etc. If that is the case what about all of the Christian students who are not comfortable with the religious institution of evolution preached at them all day long by the public school system? Using that logic so-called atheists must be prepared to accept that students should also get a healthy dose of creation along side of evolution to be fair. It is not a matter of religion.

The American atheist organization fails to recognize that our founding fathers prayed even during government conventions and even today our president has prayed infront of large gatherings. I quote Benjamin Franklin who very obviously recognized that God is involved in our everyday lives when he said this to the Constitutional Congress 1787, “In the beginning of the contest with Great Britain, when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayers in this room for divine protection. Our prayers were heard, and they were graciously answered…Have we now forgotten this powerful friend? Or do we no longer need His assistance? I have lived a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth: ‘that God governs the affairs of man.’ And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?” These are not the words of an atheist or a deist or a theocratic tyrant. These are the words of an individual who recognizes the importance of prayer and the importance of a relationship with God. That is why a Christian prays! Not because a believer has a wish list or a Christmas list as atheists seem to think, but because God longs to hear and have that personal relationship with us through Jesus Christ. We have a God that wants to be worshipped by us and wants to communicate intimately with us! And that joy is not something true believers want to push or force on anybody.. No, rather it is pure joy that we want to share with those who do not believe as we do.

A believer does not do a cost-benefit analysis before becoming a believer, nor does a Christian lord that fact, that he/she believes in a God that is sovereign, over those who do not. Being a Christian is a lifestyle change, prompted by a heart change by God. Therefore, it is who we are and that cannot be separated by where we are. So when we are asked by atheists at a ’secular’ convention or on government grounds to deny who we are we are brought to a crossroads. Do we pretend to be who we are not so as not to offend or do we act as free Christians should and are given that right to and commanded to, not be the constitution, not be any law of man, but by God who puts governments and authorities in place? (Romans 13:1-3; Colossians 1:16) Atheists are acting the fool by preventing Christians from expressing who they are. For in the same way that the atheist insists that God must be removed from the picture so also must the atheist permit God to be in the picture lest he offend his Christian neighbor. That is equality, if we must argue in logical terms, in a nation composed largely by individuals claiming to be God fearing.

I will admit we have come a long way from the black magic medicine of yestercentury, but honestly, since when do we need a centralized medical system that makes decisions regarding the safety of our children for us? and mandates what our children will get? Since when do we need a school system that makes the decision that our children need sex education at a young age and then remove prayer from schools? Since when did we the people let the system raise our children?

Did you know that the average parent only spends 36 seconds with their kids every day? Did you know that the average child spends 4-7 hours infront of the television? Who is raising those kids?

Kidshealth.org says that “if you can’t sit through the whole program, at least watch the first few minutes to assess the tone and appropriateness, then check in throughout the show.”

Who is raising those kids? The system has apparently recognized that parents are not connected to their role and responsibility of raising children anymore even though they make the conscious decision to have sex and so, the system has taken upon itself to make those decisions for irresponsible parents and society as a whole. We live in a society today that gives married people a fifty-fifty chance of working out. Then the society tells us this of a marriage that ends, well “she must not have been meant for you,” or of a marriage that is working out, “well you got lucky.” They forget that it is hard work to keep a marriage working and that it is commitment not love that motivates staying together when a couple doesn’t feel like staying together. Society does not preach responsibility anymore than it does God. The problems we face are a direct consequence of removing God from all walks of life. We now have a society that does not believe in consequences or true responsibilities of parenting for example.

What is worse is that we as individuals have bought into the ideas of consumerism and have bought into the idea that individual happiness is more important than our responsibility as parents or as a married couple. When two people say “I do” they have entered into an agreement that entails raising children should they have any. There is only one way to raise children right, yes I said right, and that involves biblical concepts whether they know it or not. The fact that a parent would love and spend time with a child demonstrates this argument very well as scripture points out (Ephesians 5-6).

Solomon writes in Psalm 127 that it is not if you succeed but it is where you succeed and argues that it is with your children. There is no amount of pain that can quench the success of a godly child. That arguably is why in our country midlife crisis is such a big deal. Children are not walking according to biblical principles because their parents are not teaching them.

Spend time with your kids every single day. That sounds easy doesn’t it? But do you actually want to take YOUR time, your hard earned time, and spend it with that little rascal? It is the great dilemma for men, to take the initiative. You might not believe that, but wasn’t it hard to initiate with your wife? With your girlfriend? To stand up and do what is right? To speak up when you knew it was your responsibility? To sit there and spend quality time away from the TV or computer with that little guy? To express yourself and instruct your daughter? Quit fooling yourself. It takes hard work to make time for your responsibilities, for your loved ones.

Do you have the guts to actually question the doctor before he gives your kid that shot? Do you have what it takes to do the research yourself and get a second opinion from an alternate source? Have you done the research on the best option for your child or have you given that child over to be raised by someone else? It is your responsibility! Do not balk at this great task because it will haunt you the rest of your life.

One day we the people are going to wake up and look at this and the next generation and say, what is going on here? Let that day be today. We the people need to take back the country and stand for individual liberties and choices. We must be a people that is aware of what is going on and question the system every step of the way. Because we are not patients as the medical system would like you to believe.. We are clients! We are not subjects to the government, we are citizens!

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