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The outrage in Serbia.

With new violence breaking out at this moment in Serbia the media continues to point fingers at Milosevic, now dead.. Fox News says it all started back in 1989 when Milosevic eliminated Kosovo autonomy. Then according to Fox News NATO air strikes begin for some reason in March of 1999. Apparently, Milosevic was the bad guy and the reason for the problems now faced in the Balkans. So Milosevic was charged with war crimes to fix the whole problem. Peace followed until now they say.. never mind the atrocities that KLA and other Islamics committed against slavs within the period following the NATO bombings. The media and NATO turned a cold shoulder on Serbia as usual and gave Kosovo over to extremists, but all of this happened under NATO’s watch so it all went ‘smoothly.’ If it was peaceful until now, what about the killings that happened on a large scale from the very beginning of the NATO run ‘peace keeping’ operation? In August of 1999 following the ceasefire, “the Kosovo Liberation Army exploiting the unwillingness of peacekeepers to intervene” and kidnapped and murdered hundreds of Serbs. As it turns out the media has no interest in showing muslim crimes, but when they must they will make sure and say it’s ‘rogue’ elements of the KLA.

None of this matters, by the way, because Nick Burns in the state department says Serbia will pay for any damages done to the US embassy, Serbia is fundamentally responsible for all of this, and that the Prime minister is responsible because of an incendiary speech he gave. The USA is so ready to point the finger at Serbia’s actions and say “you guys are messed up and causing this problem.” It doesn’t matter that Kosovo, the heart of Serbia’s religious and cultural history (which the USA downplays by the way), was robbed from them by muslim extremism and American imperialism. Then when Serbia tries to come to a peaceful conclusion with Albanians hostility breaks out because of islamic terrorist actions by the KLA against Serb peacekeepers, NATO bombs Serbia in the civil war that follows even though Serbia attempted to keep peace! Why bomb and subdue orthodox christians who are trying to defend Kosovo from the dark side of Islam and then smear it in their faces by using depleted uranium, cluster bombs in an age of pin-point accuracy AND declare their leader a war criminal for being a nationalist while letting the terrorists off the hook?! Meanwhile, the KLA who has committed countless atrocities and is guilty of ethnic cleansing, is given complete support by the west and al-qaeda! Kosovo now plays the democracy card and says, we just want freedom, and the USA, Europe, and all ‘freedom’ lovers around the world cheer this Islamic movement on. What is going on here?

It is no wonder that Serbia is outraged by this and wants all foreign embassies ousted from the country. Then the European Union again smears it in their faces.. “You Serbs make sure you protect our embassies there in your capital city.” Enough is enough. If Serbia was my country, here’s what I would do.. grab every foreign national by the scruff of the neck, put him/her on a plane back to his or her country on THEIR country’s dime, send him back with a kick in the ass and a letter declaring the country closed to them, burn the US embassy to the ground, use every other embassy as a prison for muslim terrorists (KLA), invite Russia whole heartedly into the country for support and retake Kosovo.. Then give Croatia and Bosnia warnings against supporting similar muslim movements in the future against Serbia.

Honestly, I will applaud Moscow for any aid in the Balkans because we’ve proved time and time again that we cannot act in justice there and should not be there in the first place. We contradict ourselves right and left. We say we are promoting democracy around the world and that we are fighting terrorism, but what happened in Kosovo? Terrorism fueled by Islam and al-Qaeda.. And we supported it! Even now we support it because it is in the name of democracy?? This is an outrage. Russia is branded as ‘not helpful’ by the state department and that sweetheart Nick Burns. The USA continues to downplay Russia in all of this along with Serbia, but how long will Russia’s warnings go unheeded? Russia tells the United States to stop backing Kosovo independence, Russia’s envoy to NATO warned on Friday that formal backing for Kosovo’s independence by the EU or NATO would give Russia the right to use ‘brute force’ in future, Russia warns the US that Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia endangers international stability. How much more Western imperialism, and that is exactly what it is, will Russia take? Will the powder keg that set off World War 1 once more be ignited in the Balkans?

“We’re not alone in our fight. President Putin is with us.” -Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, February 21, 2008.

In World War II Serbia was our ally against the Nazis in the Balkans. In this age of politically correctness we have turned a cold shoulder to them against this new war on terrorism. The cold truth of our imperialistic adgenda becomes ever more real with the destruction of Serbian sovereignty.

Kosovo is a territory located in the former Yugoslavia. In 1999 the United States pushed for military action via NATO to end the fighting that had escalated.

The territory has been fought over for centuries and has changed hands between muslims and slavs several times. In more recent years certain muslim activities have forced the breakup of Yugoslavia by declaring territories independent; such as Bosnia, Croatia, and now Kosovo. The Serbian response under Milosevic was to naturally try and prevent such breakups of their country. According to the Koran (Islam’s bible) all territory previously held by muslims will be given back by Allah and so there is some context for the reasons for desired succession on the part of muslims. As things go when Islam’s extremists (which by the way are justified to use violence according to the Koran) got involved with Serb peace keepers- fighting started. As things go, the Serbian response was to use the military in so called policing actions in order to keep the peace and decide the outcome diplomatically. Muslim terrorists organized as the KLA began conducting terrorist raids in Kosovo against Serb military personnel AND the Serbian population in Kosovo with hopes of removing all Serbs from the territory and removing the Serbian military presence in order to regain historical muslim territory. Terrorist tactics were used by the KLA… The Serb response after all of these killings and murders by the hands of muslim extremists and after a similar ethnic situation occurred in Bosnia and Croatia, where the Serb population was literally removed by death threats and force by muslims there, was to let Arkan’s Tigers lose and do exactly to the muslim population what the muslims were doing and had already done in past events to the Serbs. Milosevic had apparently had enough of muslim terror tactics and “liberation” efforts by Islam and so committed ethnic genocide to fight fire with fire. Oddly enough, the KLA, which was partly funded by a group based out of Afghanistan called al-quaeda, committed horrible crimes against humanity time and time again and received no mention in any news headline. The media portrayed the Serbs as heartless killers and the muslims as innocent victims.

Anyway, the United States decided to get involved for some reason taking the side of the muslim rebels. NATO and the United States put the final touches on the destruction of Yugoslavia. Cluster bombs, depleted uranium bombs, and other ‘dumb’ bombs were dropped on Serb forces. Today there are still places you cannot walk because of radiation and unexploded cluster bombs. Milosevic was later tried as a war criminal and rightly so. Sadly enough, none of the KLA was ever brought to justice and the muslim conquest of Kosovo is now complete.

Speculation as to why the United States pursued military action in Kosovo is unknown. There were several other real ethnic genocides going on around the world such as in Sudan. Why didn’t the United States get involved in those places? One reason could possibly be pinned on the President Bill Clinton, who was under the scrutiny of the media spotlight for his actions with Monica Lewinsky. He needed a quick distraction to shift the media spotlight off of him and elsewhere. What better solution than a ‘just war.’ and Kosovo was apparently the easiest to get into. Another speculation is that his intelligence was faulty and the Serbs really did look like the bad guys to him. Another is that there was some economic gain and the Serbs looked like bad guys. The speculations are endless, but the actual portrayal of Kosovo as a Just War is totally wrong. The outcome bears no resemblance to justice at all and the media demonstrated its bias to the left and its agenda.

Should we have actually gotten involved in Kosovo? NO! We instead used the military as a means. It is a tough decision to think about as both sides had stirred up more hate than reason could probably overcome. On one side Islam is stuck in its ideology and would never negotiate unless it saw benefits for itself and the recovery of so called muslim land. On the other side the Serbs were dealing with an ever shrinking Yugoslavia and by all means Kosovo was rightly theirs. Both sides were guilty of war crimes and should have been prosecuted accordingly, but only within their own countries absolutely NOT by NATO or any other international organization! Since military force was brought in to police the territory Yugoslavian sovereignty was compromised by NATO now involved and all other parties though, NATO would be used as a tool to further Islam‘s agenda. The only way to peace and justice would have been to convince Milosevic to use morally sound means against the muslim rebels and terrorists. This of course would mean heavy losses for the Serb military and continued terror attacks against the Serbian population in Kosovo, but what more could you do in a situation like that? The choice is what I have just stated or give into the ‘dark side’ and kill them all (the perceived easy route). Milosevic made a morally wrong decision to fight as the muslim extremists were fighting. The United States should never, never, never have gotten involved as it did. Clinton should have been impeached based on this military action alone, for pooping the constitution (a direct violation to the oath he took at the beginning of his presidency) and for lying under oath about his adulterous affair with Lewinsky. Congress should have been ousted for not doing its job as well. The list goes on.

The conclusion then is: Kosovo was not a Just War, but that doesn’t matter because the media painted quite the opposite picture to ignorant Americans, the death of Yugoslavia is complete, and Muslim independence has been achieved in Kosovo backed by the USA. Nevermind the reports that never made the news about al-qaeda activity

In recent news: Kosovo Declares Independence from Serbia

I’m going to have to side with Russia on this one..

For further information on the conflict from a biased, but provocative source read “Kosovo-Serbia: A Just War?” by Frank Columbus.

Also check out the following links about the KLA and their relationship to al-qaeda:

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And finally Russia warns that our actions against Serbia will provoke war.  But we really don’t care because we are a SUPERpower.. with a cape.

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