Sic Semper Tyrannis

According to a wonderful study of civilizations by the Durants all nations begin stoic and end epicurean.

To be epicurean means you are one who is devoted to pleasure.

To be Stoic means you are one who believes virtue is the highest good.

It makes sense that such great empires as Alexander’s fell because his generals became too rich. They sought to preserve themselves and their wealth over the calling upon which the empire was founded. This was the case also with Rome.. massive military spending could not stop the decline of the empire from corruption within.

It goes without saying that if you take God out of the school system, take God out of government, take God out of the judicial system, take God out of every part of our country including individual lifestyles and so also will this country fall. It is already displaying some of the same symptoms of past empires.

Food for thought. Eat up.

In terms of an application.. what can we do as citizens of this country? Well first of all don’t let the media decide this election. In terms of media spotlight you’ve got a choice between only four candidates and meanwhile they ignore Huckabee and Paul. Now Ron Paul has been excluded from numerous debates even though he is running on the Repub ticket, he has been given loaded questions, has been cheated out of the Louisiana Caucus, and been given virtually zero attention by the media. The question is raised, why? Check out his platform for starters and since you’ve never heard of him. Why would be be silenced? And despite the popularity votes for this Super Tuesday it is up to the delegates to decide.. and we all know how Kerry and Gore won the popularity contests back in the day against Bush. Mob opinion carries little weight in the current setup. That may change before too long given the rate of decline in this country.

Ron Paul has my vote for the Feb. 12 Virginia Primary. He is the best man for the job considering the constitution, humanist document that it is, was designed to be operated by God fearing men. The founding fathers recognized that this country would cease to operate if those behind the wheel could not recognize simple biblical truths. Fact.

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