Ron Paul Revolution

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The debate continues… Ron Paul versus the system and all of its mediocre, canned answer, corrupt candidates.

See some of the highlights.

Thoughts on “America’s missing middle” for Vote 2012

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In the article titled, “America’s missing middle” by The Economist, 5 November 2011, the question as to why we do not have a middle party despite all of the partisan nonsense that goes on is addressed as such, “In other countries such a huge gap in the middle would see the creation of a third party to represent the alienated majority.  Imagine a presidential candidate next year who spelled out the need for deep future cuts in spending on entitlements and defence, as well as the need to raise some revenue (largely by getting rid of deductions); who explained that the pain would be applied only after the recovery was solidly in place; who avoided class or culture wars; who discussed school reform without fear of the Democrats’ paymasters in the teachers’ unions.”

My thoughts immediatly turn to Ron Paul.  This guy has been a ten term congressman.  He has a spotless voting record.  He tells you exactly what he’s thinking regarding a legal (Constitutional) approach.  Ron Paul tells you exactly how to get out of debt: cut spending, cut useless departments, bring home the troops.  He is the candidate that has the common sense answers that pull the rug right out from under the lobbyists, the special interest groups, the bureaucrats, etc.  He is pro individual liberty, pro-business, pro-American.  What more do we need than a man who will act on principle?

All arguments against Dr. Paul are empty and absurd.  Consider the following (feel free to comment in your argument against him): He is unelectable.  According to the special interest groups who don’t want him in office!  According to powerful bureaucrats and the players in Washington manipulating the news behind the scenes!

When will Americans wake up and stop making excuses as to why they cannot vote on principle?  Every year it is the same old story..  “I’m going to vote for this hot airbag because he is the lesser of two evils.”  “I’m going to vote for this candidate that I don’t whole heartedly agree with because I want my party to win.”  “I’m going to vote on this guy because I like the way he makes me feel.”

All nonsense.  Nothing will change in the course America is takign down hill if we do not wake up to the Consitutional message men like Ron Paul are bringing.  In 2012 will we see the creation of a third party that actually represents the people?  It starts with the way you think.  Then with the way you vote.  Stop being influenced by corporate media, peer pressure, party pressure, etc.  Vote on principle!  Vote in your representative!  Not another phony.

The CDC and Molestation Charges

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On October 11th an “official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of bestiality, police said.”  Why does this matter other than ensuring that justice is met out on the individual?  Well for starters, what is the CDC and how does it impact the lives of children?  As Dr. Mercola aptly puts it, “I believe it’s relevant to be aware that someone in charge of your child’s health is allegedly engaged in child abuse. Her actions raise serious questions in my mind about her level of concern for the health and well-being of children in general.”

I’m continually confused by the masses of individuals, who allow the CDC or other corrupt organizations to dictate what is healthy and “safe” for their children.  The CDC for example, has a history of corruption with all of its top executives being former pharmaceutical employees.  Talk about conflict of interest.  What boggles my mind further is the coctail of chemicals that the CDC says is safe, consisting of mercury, aluminum, live viruses, formaldehyde, anti-freeze, anti-biotics, gets directly injected on the otherside of the immune system’s front line, the skin!  But its “safe”.

The CDC is no better for your children than its corrupt individuals are, who dictate unhealthy chemicals and behaviors from behind desks of pharma bribery.  The vaccines they prescribe do nothing more than molest an otherwise healthy immune system.

No where in history has any vaccine ever been successful in fighting disease.  The greatest success against disease has always come in the form of sanitation.  I will argue anyone down to the ground that this is the case.  If you are a Christian lets go back to Leviticus.  What does God say about moldy homes? Washing after sex? Avoiding certain types of meats?  If you are a historian look at the record!  Vaccines were always introduced after sanitation had already made an impact.  Clean water, sewer systems, elevated floors, rodent control, balanced diet–  guess what? Diseases disappear under these circumstances.  Vaccines have nothing to do with it!  They are nothing more than a corporate scam to get you to come back for more and do nothing but line the pockets of Mercedes driving Doctors and thrill seaking nurses.

The Vaccination scam is driven purely by fear.  There are no rational arguments for them.  This Doctor Lindsey, who has been accussed of molesting a child twice is not interested in how healthy your child is.  She is concerned for her career.  Keep the dollars rolling by jabbing children.  That is the  bottom line.  Why do you vaccinate your children?  I will show you it is only because you are afraid.  Fear is an excellent motivator to get the crowd moving.  Like sheep being led to slaughter is this nation as it marches to the pediatricians office on a vaccine schedule.

Consider also a friend of mine currently training to be a history major.  Her professor is handing out extra credit to her students who get the flu vaccine.  It is all a scam and it is purely driven by hollywood type fear.  Consider the movies– Outbreak in 1995, or the more recent 2011 flick, Contagion.  Nothing like any of this has ever occured or ever will occur!  Yet, the masses will go to these films and leave germiphobes– playing into the hands of pharmacuetical companies and keeping the current system in power.

I don’ t understand how Christians of all people can fall for this?  They partake of the world like its just a matter of fact.  The system is not even biblical!  It contradicts godly living on so many fronts.  Many of the vaccines are grown from aborted babies.  Oh yeah, the CDC just loves children.  They molest them, they support the abortion of them, and they love the fact that you keep coming back for more.

Christians cannot live in fear.  Christians cannot support abortion.  Christian are you reading the ingredients in the food you consume?  Christians wake up!  Drive the nation you live in and stop following blindly the whore called the world..  It’s no wonder Christianity has no impact.  It has lost its saltiness.  It does what the rest of the world does.  Watches the same television shows, football games, eats the same corporate garbage food, gets the same heavy metal vaccines, votes for the “greater good.”

Where there is a salty Christian and I will show you change through his lifestyle.

Vote 2012 – Ron Paul?

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Here we go again.  Here comes 2012.  Herman Cain!  He comes from no where– no one has heard of him before.  He has no voting record.  He says all the right things.  He will get the Christian vote.  He will get the black vote.  He will get the _____ vote.  He will get the <popular topic of the moment> vote.  Does this sound vaguely familiar to 2008 where a young senator came from nowhere to steal America with a catchy phrase, “Yes we can.”  Nice.  Yes history does repeat itself.  Only this time the Christians will be fooled by it because its a “Republican” with no voting record.

Sadly, the candidate best suited for the White House given the current crisis of uneducated and busy voters, Ron Paul, will receive a media blackout.  They won’t even cover what he has to say at Fox News or CNN except when no one is watching or at the very most down play his achievements.  The only man with a 10 year solid voting record being pro-American, pro-Defense, pro-home school, pro-balanced budget.  He has a spotless constitutional record and will that matter this coming 2012 voting season?  The only thing that will matter once again is “elect-ability” not the core values of the candidate.  And again the Christian voter will be twisted by the worldly media and fall for it…  kind of makes you sick over time.

Behind the scenes though, another big win for the “unelectable” Ron Paul..

“So what will the national media and the political establishment do after today’s crushing victory for Ron Paul at the Values Voters Summit Straw Poll inWashington, D.C. that was just announced a short time ago?

The truth is, Ron Paul finished with with 37% vote, more than 14% more than his closest rival, Herman Cain. And if the media decides to cover it, this critical win should give our campaign a tremendous shot of momentum.”

Everything You Need to Know About Rick Perry 2012

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Rick Perry is a democrat in sheeps clothing.  He plays like he is a hardline conservative and that the Constitution means something, but consider this:

“It’s that after his party switch, Rick Perry said “I will still vote the same principles, only with an R after my name.”

It is that Rick Perry supported Hillary Clinton’s health care plan.

It’s that he pushed for a federal bailout and stimulus funds.

It’s that he supported welfare for illegal immigrants.

It’s that Rick Perry tried to forcibly vaccinate 12-year-old girls against sexually transmitted diseases by Executive Order.

It’s that he raised taxes twice.

It’s that Texas’ state debt has more than doubled during Rick Perry’s tenure as governor – pushing Texas to the brink of our constitutional debt limit.

It’s that Rick Perry supported ALL of these bad ideas that are inconsistent with how most Republicans understand conservatism, but now is trying to swagger his way into the Tea Party.”

Most Republicans will still argue that he is the lesser of two evils if it came down to choosing Rick Perry or Barak Obama.  This is the most widely used argument that I have heard.  Even Christians are caught up in the insanity!  The lesser of two evils is still evil.  The lesser of two evils isn’t an argument that is ever presented as somehow ‘ok’ in the bible.  The lesser of two evils shows a lack of understanding for how a Constitutional Republic is supposed to work!  Voting for the lesser of two evils is not trusting God.  It is poor judgement and media hype that moves Republicans, Christians, and Constitutional minded people to even consider a man like Rick Perry!  Put on the thinking cap and take a bible with you when you go to the voting booth this 2012 election season.  There can be no replacing voting on principle before God.

Visit for more on a constitutional candidate!

Medical Jourmal Funny Papers and Pharmacy Ghost Writers

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Another informative article on natural news’ website.  I hate what love of money has done to this country..

Ron Paul Gets Big Endorsement (Iowa)

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Ya know, he’s not perfect, but wow what a step in the right direction!

“Back in 2008 there were a lot of people within the Republican Party that kind of disregarded Congressman Paul. And basically didn’t just count him in and/or wouldn’t even mention him. So when you can have a county chair who is part of the Republican Party, part of the establishment and support him, it gives him more credibility within the party and brings him back from the fringe.”

From the CNN article: Paul gets big endorsement ahead of crucial Iowa contest