Revolutionary Books

A problem with fathers in the world today is that they do not read. They have such high expectations of their children academically and yet they are so illiterate themselves.

What we have is a failure on their part as earthly daddies to read and thus to lead.  The expectation is that their children will be and must be successful academically yet from the childrens’ perspective it will be a half-hearted effort or at best grudgingly done so.  Why should they read and be academically successful if all dad does is watch the football game in his free time?

Listen, you reluctant leaders.  You need to get off of your behinds and pick up a book and read.  How can you hypocritically require your children to become literate in any way if the best you know is the redskins versus the cowboys?

Some men have abdicated and said that reading is not their thing.  Adam said something very similar by his inaction in the Garden of Eden.  He just stood there enjoying the show.  He just sat there enjoying the football game.  He did not lead.  He did nothing.

Pick up a book and read.  Stand up and get active!  Lead your children as is your duty as a man and head of household.  You are to teach and teach diligently!  It is commanded of you by God Himself in Scripture that a man teach his children.  Part of teaching is leading by example.  Part of teaching also requires you to be informed and learned yourself!  So start with something easy yet provocative like Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman that will get you thinking about our secular culture.  Try Thomas Nelson Page to expand your dwindling American vocabulary.  Most importantly of all have a well worn Bible that your children will be able to recall that dad’s nose was always in that book!  Check out my library online for other recommendations on the righthand sidebar or if you like digital free reads checkout the Gutenburg Project and read “A Soldier of the Empire” written in the mid-1800s.  Don’t just pick up the latest “New York Bestseller” as most of these are simply secular, thoughtless, and mainstream.  Be proactive and look for truth and provocation because you are going to be passing it down to your children to hopefully be as analytical and insightful as you are.

And remember you cannot lead if you do not read.

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