Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart is what boys who will be men find themselves in possession of.  I first heard about this book from my fellow traveler and adventurer Isaiah while on a road trip to tour the high peaks in the Western United States in 2005, I think it was.  I read it and thought this guy knows what he is talking about!  At least he put into words what I was feeling and thinking on long night hikes in the mountains alone.  Men, go out and discover yourself in the mountains.  It is a place like no other to be walking alone in the hills at night.  I don’t believe John Eldredge specifically recommends it, but I do.

Speaking to men I say all a man needs is purpose. Give him that and there are no trials that he cannot overcome with time and perseverance. It is a necessary thing, this purpose. For without it a man is nothing and will be nothing. Purpose provides clarity and direction. Purpose drives a man forward. Purpose keeps a man on course. Purpose is the single most important thing any man must have to be successful in this life. Success is a matter pf perspective these days it seems.

This is a sad state of affairs with success now being subject to subjective reasoning. Men, upon entering manhood from boyhood, are told to be a success- never mind what a success is just go out and be one. It seems the purpose of men has become to be successful. They lack clarity of mind to be successful in the first place because success is not enough to drive any man as a means to success. In other words success is not an end to strive for. It is not something to be obtained by striving for it. Success is the result of purposefully living out our lives as men. So, what is this purpose that leads to success?

I will tell you it is something this generation of men has forgotten. A man is not a success when he has made a million bucks and goes to the grave forgotten. A man is not a success when he has made a splash and is lamented for a day and then forgotten. A man is a success when he has made ripples that echo into the next generation. Purpose is seeing the future. Purpose is raising your children in the Lord. Purpose is teaching your children of the joys of knowing Jesus Christ as a friend, a brother, a savior King. Purpose is living a godly example for your children. Success is seeing your children glorify God through faith in Christ Jesus by grace alone.

“There is no amount of success that can quench the pain of a lost child; there is no amount of pain that can quench the joy of a godly, saved child.” -Smuland

One Response to “Wild at Heart”

  1. August – thanks for the shout-out. I am glad you also were blessed by Wild at Heart. We are truly kindred spirits with a passion to live a life of adventure and purpose in serving our God. And I LOVE the Smuland quote – so good.

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