Utility Vehicle

I believe the Land Rover Defender fits the bill as the best choice overall as a rugged utility vehicle. Since there are several vehicles on the market I suppose I will have to explain how I reached this decision.

The Defender is designed to handle the most extreme conditions and is the vehicle that conquered Africa. It is a mainstay military multi-role vehicle for the British Army, the United States Rangers, and several of the world’s military forces.

Land Rover Defenders only do important things. They have carried kings, prime ministers, and the pope! The vehicle has driven pregnant women to the hospital in snow storms, carried injured troops from the front line to safe zones, and most importantly protected those we love in the day to day tasks in life.

The Land Rover, unlike its competition has always had the heavy duty box frame and body on frame design. The vehicle has a history in agriculture making it ideal for the agrarian lifestyle. The vehicle can even be equipped with a power take off! Considering its history as a military vehicle and the need for in field work, every panel may be unbolted for quick and easy access should the need arise.

Now lets consider the possibility of an EMP going off: a naturally aspirated diesel or carbureted petrol engine have no electronics and are thus immune to such threats.

Consider also the rugged durability. A D90’s payload is 1900 pounds; Maximum Load Capability on Rear Axle 3000 pounds. A comprable multi-role vehicle such as a Jeep has only a 900 pound payload!

Such remarkable capabilities in the off road environment directly off the assembly line are 16 inches of clearance under the differential for military models equipped with 9.00 x 16s; 47 degrees approach angle; 92.7 inch wheel base; 20 inches wade depth without snorkel.

Achieve an amazing 30 miles per gallon with the 2.5L 4 cylinder 13J diesel and 114 lbf·ft @ 1,800 rpm at 21:1 compression ratio.

But with all of this do not ignore the military maintenance schedule. Routine maintenance allows this vehicle to perform at its best in the harshest and most hostile environments.

Convert your Land Rover to a diesel:









4 Responses to “Utility Vehicle”

  1. Cost and availability of affordable parts make my decision much more compelling for the Jeep Wrangler/Rubicon. I do like the look and utlity of the Defender series, classic is an understatement. But I am guided by a supreme pragmatism which guides me to a domestic source with readily available parts/accessories/aftermarket items. All of this being said, if I cd find an affordable Defender Series LR I’d be open to the idea of it.

  2. Give me a price on a Rubicon and I will show you a Defender that is cheaper! 😀 parts are only a phone call away. 8005332210 or even the used car market at tntlr.com

    Lets put forward a scenario. You break down in a jeep- which will happen of course. Where do you go for parts for your Rubicon? Well you could call the dealer or you could check out advanced auto or you could even try a junk yard. All of this takes time and you have no way to know how much it will cost or how long it will take to get your part. This all assumes that you will be working on your vehicle yourself– which brings up another issue! The Jeep is not longer designed as a military vehicle and so is much more complicated to work on.

    Now, let us say you are driving a Land Rover. All you have to do is call the 800 number and UPS delivers the part to your door in 2-3 days. Guaranteed. That goes for TNTLR.com as well. There is even Roversnorth.com

    In addition to all of this you have a wealth of local parts on behalf of the Velkers, Napotniks, and my uncle in Staunton. Not to mention free knowledge and help. Land Rover nuts stick together. We are a team. You need help working on your Land Rover and we consider it our duty! And its fun.

    A used Land Rover is every bit as cost effective as a Jeep when it comes to repairs and much simpler to work on in the field. The primary difference between the Jeep and the Land Rover lay in the weekly maintenance of the Rover. The Jeep is a get in and go type of vehicle, but simply could not withstand the kind of abuse that a Defender can and will endure when properly maintained.

  3. Has a j**p ever accomplished something so wild?

  4. I love this song!

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