Ron Paul versus Sarah Palin

Also titled as Right is Right Realistic is Wrong

“Realism didn’t get the Jews out of the wilderness.”

I talk to a lot of people every day about a wide range of subjects whether I’m at work or at home. Most of the time the individual I’m talking with agrees with me on the fundamental issues, but may get hung up on the means to the same end.

Here’s an example of what I mean. My initial reaction to Saddam Hussein? I wanted justice for what Saddam Hussein did to the Kurds and for his bloody reign. I believed that such a man should be brought to justice. This all assumes that the people he was ruling over were innocent (and based on the news media they were portrayed as such). Were they really innocent? Good question. Now, if I bring up the possibility that Saddam was executing judgment on an infighting people and bringing peace to the region, at least until we (the CIA) convinced him and armed him to go after Iran, most people will look at me and say that he deserved to be torn apart and not just hung. They will say, “we saw the footage of him invading Kuwait! He was a war mongering murderer of his own people!” But what about those small details that don’t get shown on the corporate news channels? Those details that we as a nation don’t care about because we’d rather watch footage of our high tech weaponry demolishing Iraqi infrastructure and sitting aircraft? How many people know that Kuwait was slant drilling into Iraq and provoked Iraq to war? Try this on, what if the USA wanted a war with Iraq? We all know the details surrounding the second gulf war are hazy at best, for example. Bush apparently had a cowboy feeling and then got “faulty” intelligence from the most informed agency in the world. This was the second time around! What about the first? So many questions and none of them add up. Why? Because this is not justice. Justice is clear cut through the fog, satisfyingly, painful and clear.

This is not justice at all. Saddam Hussein was brutally executed in front of an unruly mob of his former opposition. However, according to Bush and the White House media justice was met perfectly. “Fair trials were unimaginable under Saddam Hussein’s tyrannical rule,” Bush’s statement read. “It is a testament to the Iraqi people’s resolve to move forward after decades of oppression that, despite his terrible crimes against his own people, Saddam Hussein received a fair trial.” Fair trials mean emotional indifference when the law is being executed. That did not happen to Saddam Hussein. It was entertainment. It was a feel good propaganda move to encourage more troops in Iraq.

The point being in all of this is that most people are not interested in hearing the details or bothering with the right way about things. The right way is usually not “realistic” they say or more realistically too difficult. If we ran every decision of our life that way how realistic would that be? Caught speeding to work, for example, because doing the right thing would have realistically put me late to work! In other words the “realistic” perspective isn’t realistic at all. What it boils down to is right and wrong. As the Newsboys song Believe goes, “In this world turning gray, strikes a chord when I say, there is black, there is white, there is wrong and there is right.” We have the popular WWJD (What would Jesus Do) movement with a “realistic” political outlook? Come on. At least be consistent people! Do you know what Jesus would do? He died for you and me, who believe in Him for salvation, because He did not budge on some “realistic” tangent. You want to talk about steadfast consistency? look at the life of Jesus Christ. The sad part of it all is I have friends and relatives, who all say that the right way of doing things is not realistic. And this is somehow Christian?

We live in realistic times and to say that right is not realistic means that gray is the new religion- it is your view of God. How inconsistent of you to say such a thing you Christian! How well are you modeling the life of Christ in your daily walk if even your political decisions are based on how realistic you think the outcome will be?

How about Ron Paul versus Sarah Palin? That seems to be the biggest divide in the Church community as well. Most church goers seem to be mind numbed parrots when it comes to politics as they get their thinking on the matter done by Fox News. They saw Bush as a good christian leader. They saw McCain as the better choice between Obama. They see the war in Iraq as a necessary thing to fight those boogie men under the bed overseas so they wouldn’t get us here. They continue to see the need for strong government to protect our so called national security. They see our education system as the best in the world, even though it has outlawed God! How outrageous you people of God! Your life is a trainwreck of inconsistencies! Its a mess! How long before you will wake up and see where realistic thinking has got us? Stagnant Realism didn’t get the Jews out of the wilderness and it certainly hasn’t brought revival to our United States.

Realistic political beliefs in the Church expounded:

1.) Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who has claimed to have attempted to sway oppinion on even the Iraq war. Really fair and balanced? as the news station claims and duped you? Smell the ashes Christian and start thinking analytically and on your own. How can it be right to get your news from a biased source? Specifically corporate interests. They preach an outlook of realism as opposed to morality.

2.) George W. Bush was not a good Christian leader. Christians do things legally. Christians are not liars. I could go off on so many lies that Bush made including his original campaign on limited government right before he ballooned our government into the largest it has ever been. The president according to the Constitution is a representative not a leader. Sarah Palin has said we need strong leadership. No! We need strong representation. Ron Paul put it best regarding Huckabee and by implication GW. Don’t wear your religion on your sleeve GW Bush and your pathetic prayer breakfasts in public and then go to war around the world illegally. How can you be a Christian leader and break the law so consistently? He is rumored to have called the constitution a “g*ddamned piece of paper“. Actions speak louder than words, however. Consider the Patriot Act that allows government agents to write their own warrants and listen in on your phone calls without you knowing about it. Sound Christian to you?

3.) McCain was the better choice between the two according to most Christians, who have voted republican all their lives probably. The better choice between the two still doesn’t make it right. All that does is reward an already obese and corrupt political system. We the people need to stand up and vote for the right candidate, not the realistic candidate. Our republic was designed around principles, not realism. Principled integrity for example means doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

4.) The war in Iraq never had any foundation as the Iraqis never presented a threat to the USA. Saddam supposedly had weapons of mass destruction, he supposedly had links to al-quaeda, he supposedly was going to axe your grandma. I mean come on! Did we ever find any weapons of mass destruction? Did we ever find and confirm a link between him and al-quaeda? Not to this day. Yet most still believe we did a good thing by allowing hundreds of our soldiers and thousands of civilians to die to oust Saddam. Meanwhile we use depleted uranium rounds that cause widespread chaos on those exposed! But we’re doing the Christian thing! Right? Wrong. Justice means executing only those guilty. Why are all of these people being judged by our occupation?

It gets worse. Historically, Christians have all gone to sleep when Republicans take the reigns. What just happened this November 2nd, 2010? Republicans once again took the reigns.

We have to be a people, who vote on principle. We have to be a people, who do the right thing even when no one is looking. We have to be a people, who trust that God is not “realistic.” We have to be a people, who have a mindset of ronpaulitics when we go to the voting booth!

The Constitution of the United States of America must be upheld by citizens of individual states, who participate morally and justly– NOT “realistically”. Otherwise it is not realistic. Realism is a dead end religion that has no place in the life of any follower of Christ.

What it boils down to in the Republican camp is Ron Paul versus Sarah Palin. Right versus “Realistic”.

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  1. […] To touch on hot topic lets look at abortion.  This should be the most important issue that Christians pursue behind the evangelism of their own children as Deuteronomy 6 puts it.  Interestingly enough, from a political perspective Christianity does little more than to vote for the prettiest candidate.  Take a look at recent history.  Bush SR?  Did nothing.  Bush JR?  More unborn babies died under George W. Bush than did Jews under Adolf Hitler.  Politically speaking Christianity has zero impact on the issue of abortion because it chooses to elect “realistic” candidates instead of trusting in the glory of God. […]

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