The Bible and Birth Control

Wow, I can’t say any book has jarred my daily thinking on a primal feeling in a long time.  The Bible and Birth Control by Charles D. Provan attacks the notion of Family Planning that has somehow infiltrated the churches of America.  It is a very challenging and provocative read in a world turning gray, but don’t get hung up on the “more the merrier” feeling.  I understand that he really appreciates the perfect number of children God has intended for a family, but sometimes comes across as saying “don’t miss an egg!”  Seriously though, what do you know about the church fore fathers and what the great men of the past in the church have to say about birth control and so called family planning?  Read this book.  It is revolutionary in its revival factor!

“I remember a great man coming into my house, at Waltham, and seeing all my children standing in the order of their age and stature, said ‘These are they that make rich men poor.’  But he straight received this answer, ‘Nay, my lord, these are they that make a poor man rich; for there is not one of these whom we would part with for all your wealth.'”  -Joseph Hall, 1574-1656

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